Bio-identical Hormones

Bio-identical Hormones

Bio-identical hormones are substances that are identical to the hormones produced naturally by the body. Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the blood, which carries them to organs and tissues of the body to exert their functions. These bio-identical substances can replace estradiol, estriol, progesterone, and testosterone, and others when our bodies cannot generate sufficient quantities of these essential hormones. In addition to treating sex hormones, we also treat thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic, and other hormones.

By replacing the natural hormones your own body is unable to make, Bio-identical Hormones can help all your body’s systems operate as needed. Hormones have a variety of functions, including:

Development and growth
Metabolism of food items
Sexual function and reproductive growth and health
Cognitive function and mood
Maintenance of body temperature and thirst

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    Why should I use Bio-identical Hormones?

    Many conditions can cause your endocrine glands to produce inadequate levels of natural hormones. Replacing them allows the functions to continue at optimum levels.  Testing will identify which hormone is needed, and how much should be replaced.

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    What conditions can Bio-identical Hormones treat?

    Providing optimal hormone levels can correct issues such as fatigue, weight gain, weight loss, fluid retention, muscle and joint pain, depression, trouble thinking, memory issues, dry skin, sensitivity to cold, muscle weakness, hair loss, hoarseness, swelling, and many more.

    Read briefly about the following hormone imbalances at the Women’s International Pharmacy webpage:

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    How often will I need treatment?

    Dosage and frequency depends on which hormone is being replaced, and how much of it your own body is still producing.

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    How do I take the hormones?

    Each hormone has optimal forms to take, including oral, transdermal creams, oils, and lotions, injections, and patches. Your practitioner will discuss with you the best form for you.

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    How do I schedule an appointment?

    Call the main office at (707) 575-5180 to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners.  New Patients can contact the New Patient Coordinator.

    New Patient Contact
    (707) 575-5180

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    How much time does treatment take?

    Some treatments will show improvement within days, others may take 6-8 weeks to tell is things are improving. Talk to your practitioner to find out what to expect.

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    What kind of testing is used?

    Again, depending on the hormone, you may need blood tests, saliva tests, or urine tests. Your practitioner will let you know if there are any special conditions to prepare for the testing, such as doing the test at a certain time of day or month, or fasting.

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    Is it safe?

    Multiple studies demonstrate that the positive effects and low risk of appropriately used bio-identical hormones can create or maintain hormonal balance throughout the life cycle. Bio-identical hormones are different from the widely used synthetic hormones which were shown to present specific health risks in the Women’s Health Initiative Study of 2001. Multiple studies over the past several years have demonstrated positive health benefits from the appropriate use of bio-identical hormones.

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    Where do I get my Bio-identical Hormones?

    Some of the hormones can be purchased from Gordon Medical with your practitioner’s order. Other hormones can be prescribed and filled at any local pharmacy. Some will require compounding.

    The compounding pharmacies we use include:

    College Pharmacy – Colorado
    Dollar Drug – Santa Rosa
    Health First Pharmacy – Windsor
    Women’s International Pharmacy – Arizona and Wisconsin

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