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Patient Portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Portal will streamline secure communications with the office, allowing you to ask questions, refill prescriptions, view test results, and many other options. Our plan is for the Portal be the main route of patient communication, making it easier for you to get the information you need.


All upcoming appointments are quickly visible on the main page after logging in.

Appointment Scheduling / Adjustments

A quick Secure Message, email, or phone call to your Medical Assistant can make any adjustments you need to your appointments.

Secure Messages

Secure messaging is available between you and our office, via the Secure Message link.

Secure messaging offers the quickest response from our team to you.
My Account Details

You can quickly update your contact information under this tab.

Labs and Documents

Your lab results can be released to your Portal account after review by your practitioner. You or your practitioner may wish to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results.

Under Labs and Documents, you can send a document to the Portal by simply clicking the “Upload New Document” button and following the instructions on-screen.

My Visit Summaries

All visit summaries, including assessments, recommended prescriptions and orders, additional instructions and follow-up times (if any) are available at the conclusion of your visit.

*The visit summaries are not “Superbills” for insurance purposes. Look under Invoices and Payment for Receipts. Records-Release is available upon request.

My Pharmacies

Your personal pharmacies can be reviewed, added and your preferred primary pharmacy can be indicated easily.

My Medications

You can review your current medications from Gordon Medical, request refills, and add other medications prescribed by a practitioner outside of Gordon Medical, which your GMA practitioner can review for a better healthcare experience.

Invoices and Payment - Receipts

Invoices and payment receipts are readily available after payment is processed. You can also update your credit card info here.