Insurance Billing

Billing Insurance

We do not participate with any insurance, and do not do insurance billing from our office. When you check out and make your payment to us, you will receive a receipt with required codes which you may submit to your insurance company for your own reimbursement. Please understand that we offer many innovative treatments and your insurance company may not pay for all of the treatments you receive in our office.

Prior Authorization and Insurance Appeals

When information is requested by your insurance company, we charge for the time involved in researching and sending those reports.

Blood Draws

For all blood specimens drawn in our office, there is a handling fee charged that is NOT billable to insurance, nor will your insurance pay for it if you submit the bill yourself.

Medicare Patients

For several years, we have not participated with or billed Medicare for services provided to Medicare-covered patients. These patients will need to sign an agreement of understanding legally required by Medicare. You will not be able to bill any of our services to Medicare yourself.