Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Thermal Imaging is an infrared picture taken of the heat inside the body. It is a visual display of the amount of infrared energy emitted, transmitted, and reflected by the body. Thermal Imaging can help detect areas of inflammation, poor blood flow, or excess blood flow in the body.

  1. 1
    Why should I use Thermal Imaging?

    Thermal Imaging can be a helpful tool when determining where pain is originating from in the body, so your practitioner can understand where to pinpoint treatment.

  2. 2
    What conditions can Thermal Imaging treat?

    Thermal Imaging does not treat conditions, but is a diagnostic tool. There are other forms of treatment that can be used in conjunction with Thermal Imaging, such as Photon Stimulation, Neural Therapy, and Body/Energy Work.

  3. 3
    How often will I need a treatment?

    You can have thermal images taken as often as needed in order to check on your progress. Sometimes “Before” and “After” images are taken.

  4. 4
    How do I schedule an appointment in the office?

    Your Gordon Medical practitioner may want “Before” and “After” images, so please schedule your images around any specific body therapy appointments.

    Use one of the following options to make an appointment:
    Patient Portal for current patients
    (707) 575-5180

  5. 5
    How much time does an appointment take?

    Depending on how many images are needed and the area needing to be photographed, Thermal Imaging appointments can take anywhere from 15 minutes to about an hour.

  6. 6
    What does Thermal Imaging feel like?

    You won’t feel anything from the thermal image itself, but the room the images are taken in will need to be cooled to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Time is given for your body to adjust to the cooler temperature and then the images are taken.

  7. 7
    Is it safe?

    Yes. Thermal images are very safe. There is no radiation involved.