Intravenous (IV) Therapy

Available in our Santa Rosa IV room Monday through Friday and our San Rafael IV room on Monday and Wednesday. Select services are available by referral to patients of non-GMA practitioners. Doctors may contact for more information.

IV Services

IV therapies are medications and/or fluids that are given intravenously. We access veins using a butterfly needle or IV catheter. Medications are either slowly infused by drip or given through a syringe manually.

IV therapies are indicated for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to: fluid and electrolyte replacement, antibiotic, antimicrobial, and/or pain relief.

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    Why use IV therapy?

    IV therapies are fast acting due to the direct introduction into the bloodstream. IV medications do not have to undergo digestive metabolism and therefore, some medications may be given at higher doses. They can also be a good option for those who are unable to take medications or supplements by other routes (including oral, rectal, and topical routes).

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    What conditions can IV Therapy treat?

    IV therapies are used to treat many conditions; ranging from infection, dehydration, and/or pain.

  3. 3
    How often will I need a treatment?

    The frequency of treatments will depends on the medication that is given. Some treatments require a course of multiple doses, as seen with antibiotics, while other treatments may only be given once.

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    Do I need a presciption for IV Services?

    Yes, appointments in the IV room must first be prescribed by your practitioner. If you have a doctor other than those at Gordon Medical, we may be able to provide IV services via a referal from that practioner. Doctors may contact us at for more information.

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    Where do you provide IV Services?

    We have IV rooms in both Santa Rosa and San Rafael. See our contact page for the locations and contact info.

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    How do I schedule an appointment in the office?

    Appointments in the IV room must first be prescribed by your practitioner. Once you have the order, you may call (707) 575-5180 to schedule time in the IV room.

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    How much time does a treatment take?

    Treatments can take 15 minutes to 4-5 hours, depending on what is ordered. Commonly, most IV treatments are an hour long.

  8. 8
    Is there anything I can/should purchase?

    Materials that are needed for IV therapies will be arranged by your Medical Assistant, or will be ordered by your nurse when you are receiving home IV teaching and instruction.

  9. 9
    How can I prepare for my appointment?

    It is always a good idea to come well hydrated and warm to your appointment.

  10. 10
    How is the IV given?

    IV therapies are performed using either an IV catheter or a butterfly needle. An IV catheter is a small plastic tube that is inserted into the vein using a needle. The needle is removed and the small plastic catheter remains in the vein, which is then stabilized to the skin with a dressing. IV catheters are referred to as heplocks, which can stay in place for up to four days.

    A butterfly needle is a small rigid needle that is inserted into the vein, stabilized to the skin, and remains in place throughout the treatment. This is a temporary access used for short term treatment.

    For longer term IV treatment, a PICC line or Port may be installed, both of which can remain in place for as long as treatment is needed.

    Talk to your practitioner about what the best approach is for you.

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    What does it feel like?

    A small needle prick can feel like nothing to some people, while others find it quite painful. Our intravenous therapy nurses use their training and experience to find and access “difficult” veins. They use warm heating pads with most patients to promote relaxed veins. Being sure to be well hydrated also makes the veins easier to access.

  12. 12
    Is it safe?

    Intravenous therapies are practiced across the world and are considered safe, but as with all medications, there are people who may be at risk for side effects, interactions, and complications. Your practitioner and you will decide together if intravenous therapies are right for you.

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    Can I get IVs at Gordon Medical if I don't have a Gordon Medical Practitioner?

    Yes! Select services are available by referral. Practioners may contact us about IV referrals at

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    Training for Home IV Therapy

    Often it is difficult for patients to come to the office for IVs as they are so ill, or they live too far away to travel to the IV rooms. Learning to administer IVs at home makes treatment possible. Discuss with your practitioner whether this is an option for you.

    Our trained and knowledgeable nursing staff will sit one on one with you and walk you the processing of doing your own IV’s. Once you are comfortable the nursing staff will sign off on you doing your own IV’s and you will begin your healing process in the comfort of your own home.

  15. 15
    Do I need a prescription to receive training for home IVs?

    Yes, you will need to meet with your Gordon Medical practitioner and discuss the options of doing IVs at home before you can schedule the teaching appointment. Only Gordon Medical patients can receive training in home IV through our offices.

  16. 16
    What is involved in training to do home IVs?

    There are two required appointments for learning IV for home use. They are as follows…

    1. The first session of your teaching/training will include our nursing staff reviewing your medication and supplies with you and a partner or friend. They will walk you through the entire process of how to mix and draw up medications, how to properly access your administration site using a sterile technique, how to administer your medication. and how to disconnect at the end of your infusion.
    2. The second session will consist of you and your partner/friend demonstrating to the nurse what you learned in the first session. You will do the entire process while the nurse observes to make sure you and your partner/friend are comfortable and competent to do IVs at home. If the nurse feels confident you are able, you will be signed off on home IVs. If the nurse feels you will need extra training you may be asked to come back to the office for a third session.

    You need to be trained in our office every time you start a new medication for home use. This is true even if you have already been signed off to do home IVs. Many of the IVs are prepared in different ways, and our nursing staff needs to know you are taught properly and are comfortable to administer your IV at home.

  17. 17
    How do I make an appointment to be trained for home IVs?

    Please call Gordon Medical Associates at (707) 575-5180) to schedule your IV teaching appointment. Appointments can be made Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in our Santa Rosa office ONLY.

    It is Gordon Medical’s policy that ALL new medication must be administered the first time in our Santa Rosa office with a practitioner on duty.

  18. 18
    How long does it take to be trained for home IVs?

    The teaching/training will be a two part (or more) session, with each appointment being scheduled for 90 minutes in length.

    You will be required to go through the training each time you receive a prescription for a new IV medication, to ensure that you understand how to prepare and administer it properly.

Our IV Nurses

Elaine - GMA IV Nurse
IV Infusion Nurse
A registered nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner, Elaine has been in nursing for 22 years. She loves working with the patients at GMA, and is inspired by their courage and perseverance. She feels fortunate to work with providers who think outside the box and have alternative ways of approaching illness. She works in both the Santa Rosa and the San Rafael IV rooms. In her spare time, Elaine enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading, cooking and gardening. She lives in Sonoma with her husband and son, surrounded by nature. ---
Marisa - GMA IV Nurse
IV Infusion Nurse
With 14 years of nursing experience, Marisa enjoys caring for patients at GMA because she feels like she is making a difference in a unique way and is able to give a little "TLC" on a person’s journey to wellness. "Sometimes people come in who have been through a lot physically and emotionally with an illness. They feel sick and sometimes apprehensive. I try to provide a place in our IV room where they can take a deep breath, listen to some pleasant music, and find a little hope. Often, our IV room is a place where patients support and connect with each other. It’s wonderful to see." Marisa and her husband and family have lived in Sonoma County for 9 years. She likes hiking, mountain biking in Annadel State Park, cooking, and getting lost in a good book. ---
Rex - IV Nurse
IV Infusion Nurse
GMA is looking forward to expanding the role that Rex has with patients to include more education. Rex works at both the Santa Rosa and San Rafael offices, and is fast becoming a favorite of patients and staff alike. With his 24 years of experience in the health care field, he lives what he preaches, and stresses the importance of an active lifestyle to maintain good health and attain great satisfaction. He wants to be able to share this with his patients whom he hopes will be happy as well. Click on Rex's name to see his full bio. ---