IV Training

IV Training for Home Care

IV Training for Home Care is a service Gordon Medical provides for our patients who unable to come to the office to get regular IV treatments.

Once you and your practitioner have discussed home IVs, you may schedule an appointment in our office. Our trained and knowledgeable nursing staff will sit one on one with you and walk you the process of doing your own IV’s. Once you are comfortable, and they feel you know what you are doing, the nursing staff will sign off for you to do your IVs at home.

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    What does an IV Training for Home Care involve?

    There are two parts to IV Training for Home Care. They are as follows:

    1. The first session includes our nursing staff going over the medication and supplies needed with you and a partner or friend. They will walk you through the entire process of how to mix and measure medications, to properly access your administration site using sterile technique, to administer your medication, and how to disconnect at the end of your infusion.
    2. The second session consist of you and your partner/friend showing the nurse what you learned in the first session. You will demonstrate the entire process while the nurse observes to make sure you and your partner/friend are comfortable. If the nurse feels confident you are able to do everything correctly, they will sign off on home IVs. If the nurse feels you need extra training you may be asked to come back to the office for a third session.

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    How can IV Training help me?

    Often it is difficult for patients to come to the office as they are so ill, or they may live too far away to come to the office for daily IVs. Being able to do your IVs at home will allow you to be in the comfort of your own surroundings as you are doing your treatments.

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    Do I need a prescription for IV Training?

    Yes, you will need to meet with your Gordon Medical practitioner and discuss the option of doing IVs at home before you can schedule the IV Training appointment. In addition, it is Gordon Medical’s policy that ALL new medication must be administered the first time in our Santa Rosa office with a practitioner on duty.

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    How often will I need to have IV Training?

    You need to be trained in our office every time you start a new medication for home use. This is the case even if you have already been doing home IVs. Many of the IVs used at home are prepared in different ways and our nursing staff needs to know you are taught properly and are comfortable to administer your new IV at home.

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    How do I schedule an appointment?

    Please call Gordon Medical Associates at (707) 575-5180 to schedule your IV Training appointment. Appointments can be made Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in our Santa Rosa office ONLY. It is Gordon Medical’s policy that ALL new medication must be administered in our Santa Rosa office with a practitioner on duty.

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    How much time does IV Training take?

    The teaching/training will be a two (or more) sessions with each appointment being scheduled for 90 minutes.

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    Is there anything I can/should purchase?

    There is nothing you will need to purchase your Training. However, after your training session you will need to purchase the necessary medications and home supplies. The IV nurse helping you will provide you and your Medical Assistant a list of items that will need to be ordered. Your MA will call the medications and supplies in to the pharmacy for you to pick up.

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    How can I prepare for my appointment?

    You may want to bring a partner or friend with you to help learn the process of doing injections at home. A note pad, voice recorder, or even a video camera would be helpful to take notes and/or take a video of the training for home use. If you call ahead, you can arrange with GMA to use one of our voice recorders during your training.

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    Is an IV for Home Care safe?

    Yes, it is safe if you carefully follow the instructions you are given and stay in touch with your Practitioner. You will be taught to do IV’s with a nurse one on one, and they will not sign off on Home IV’s until they feel you are ready to do them.

Our Nursing Staff
Rex - IV Nurse
IV Infusion Nurse
GMA is looking forward to expanding the role that Rex has with patients to include more education. Rex works at both the Santa Rosa and San Rafael offices, and is fast becoming a favorite of patients and staff alike. With his 24 years of experience in the health care field, he lives what he preaches, and stresses the importance of an active lifestyle to maintain good health and attain great satisfaction. He wants to be able to share this with his patients whom he hopes will be happy as well. Click on Rex's name to see his full bio. --- Nurses@gordonmedical.com
Marisa - GMA IV Nurse
IV Infusion Nurse
With 14 years of nursing experience, Marisa enjoys caring for patients at GMA because she feels like she is making a difference in a unique way and is able to give a little "TLC" on a person’s journey to wellness. "Sometimes people come in who have been through a lot physically and emotionally with an illness. They feel sick and sometimes apprehensive. I try to provide a place in our IV room where they can take a deep breath, listen to some pleasant music, and find a little hope. Often, our IV room is a place where patients support and connect with each other. It’s wonderful to see." Marisa and her husband and family have lived in Sonoma County for 9 years. She likes hiking, mountain biking in Annadel State Park, cooking, and getting lost in a good book. --- Nurses@gordonmedical.com
Elaine - GMA IV Nurse
IV Infusion Nurse
A registered nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner, Elaine has been in nursing for 22 years. She loves working with the patients at GMA, and is inspired by their courage and perseverance. She feels fortunate to work with providers who think outside the box and have alternative ways of approaching illness. She works in both the Santa Rosa and the San Rafael IV rooms. In her spare time, Elaine enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading, cooking and gardening. She lives in Sonoma with her husband and son, surrounded by nature. --- Nurses@gordonmedical.com