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Elizabeth Large, ND

Elizabeth Large "I became a naturopathic doctor because I believe in the philosophy that medicine must recognize all causes of imbalance and that all aspects must be addressed in the healing process. Physical illness arises from a multitude of factors such as genetics, nutrition, toxicity, environment, infection, attitude, and spiritual beliefs."

Dr. Large started her career as a naturopathic doctor in Mill Valley, CA treating mood disorders, chronic fatigue and addiction at Recovery Systems Clinic with Julia Ross. After treating chronic illness for many years, Dr. Large began seeing patterns emerge among her patients, both pediatric and adult. Her patient population exhibited similar symptoms such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic digestive issues, high reactivity to foods and medications and other unusual symptoms. She discovered that many of her patients were suffering from chronic infections or neurotoxic illnesses such as Lyme disease, co-infections, mold and/or heavy metal toxicity. She sought further education in this area, preceptoring with Dr. Wayne Anderson in the summer of 2010 at GMA and went on to become the first doctor to complete a five month internship with Dr. Anderson in Lyme, infectious disease, and neurotoxic illness.

"What I love about medicine is listening to each patient's unique story. Healing begins with seeing the whole person. When patients ask me what my protocol is for a particular illness, I reply that each person has their own, individual presentation and requires a treatment plan unique to them. The patient history, lab tests, and current physical and emotional symptoms guide me in the particular needs of that patient. In complex illness, there will be many layers that need to be addressed and will be different in each person. I believe in using an integrative medical approach utilizing both naturopathic and pharmaceutical medicine if needed."

Dr. Large's expertise includes Lyme disease, mold and heavy metal toxicity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, women's health, chemical sensitivity, hormonal imbalance, mood disorders, chronic digestive disorders, holistic pediatrics, allergies, thyroid and adrenal imbalance, and highly sensitive people.

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Education and Professional Affiliations:

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology, Cal Poly State University,
San Luis Obispo, 1987

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College of Naturopathic
Medicine, Tempe, AZ 2000

Advanced Training:
Certifications in Hypnotherapy and Intravenous Nutrient Therapy
Internship in Lyme, Infectious Disease and Neurotoxin Illness, Clear
Center of Health, Mill Valley, CA 2011

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