Carole Mudge - Maggie Perkins 2017

Carole Mudge

Carole began her journey in the healing arts as a teenager, studying massage at the New School of Massage in Sonoma Co. at the age of 19. More than a decade later, life events led her to go deeper into her own healing and she embarked on a three year training in the healing arts, which included working with developmental movement, energetic and emotional patterning in the body, brain and central nervous system and a variety of musculo-skeletal techniques. During this time she recognized that part of her life’s purpose was to assist others on their healing path.

Throughout her career, she has taught classes and workshops, worked in a global high tech wellness program and maintained an on-going private practice. She continues to upgrade her skills and knowledge by taking classes in Neural Manipulation from the Barral Institute, advanced training in FSM, ongoing training and practice in Biosyntonie and other healing modalities. Carole has a deep interest in discovering and releasing the underlying stress patterns that develop from trauma and chronic illness. She enjoys working with the patients at Gordon Medical and views herself as a partner in their healing process and a guide to choosing the tools that will best work for them.

In her spare time you can find Carole reading a book in her garden, out dancing to live music, hiking the beautiful trails of the Wine Country or (in the Summer) listening to a baseball game.