Nafysa Parpia ND

Nafysa Parpia, N.D

Independent Practitioner
Santa Rosa and Marin

“Functional and integrative medicine that is heart centered guides how I treat my patients with complex chronic illness. Biochemical imbalances, epigenetic expression, toxin exposure, microbial exposure and emotional imbalance are often key in unraveling the mystery of and treating chronic illness. Each of these aspects is different for each patient. Thus, with compassionate listening and cutting edge laboratory tests, I can create treatment plans that are highly individualistic and healing.”

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Dr. Parpia at Work

Dr. Parpia’s Approach to Healing Complex Chronic Illness

Nafysa Parpia, N.D. is an independent practitioner working out of both the Santa Rosa and the Marin offices of Gordon Medical. Using a biological medicine approach, she works as a detective to discover and ultimately remove the underlying cause(s) of illness. At the same time, she helps to alleviate symptoms. Dr. Parpia specializes in the treatment of Lyme disease and other complex chronic illnesses such as autoimmunity, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, environmental toxicity and gastrointestinal disorders.

As the health of each individual is dynamic, so is the nature of the treatment plans that I tailor for each patient. I use a variety of modalities including oral and intravenous micronutrient therapy, botanical medicine, functional nutrition, injection therapies, lifestyle counseling, and craniosacral therapy.

External factors to the body such as environmental toxicity, pathogens, diet, and lifestyle can alter the expression of internal factors like susceptibility to infections, over or under expression of immunity, genetic expression, cellular biochemical function, mood and nutritional status. Dr. Parpia strives to help her patients find balance between the external factors of their lives, their body’s internal mechanisms and their mind.

Dr. Parpia addresses physical symptoms as well the mental and emotional aspects of her patient’s lives that may affect or be affected by their condition. She is a partner and guide on the path to wellness of each of her patients, taking into account all aspects of their life and health as a unique whole. She draws upon her training with world renowned Lyme and chronic disease specialist, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD in treating patients with such conditions.

As the health of each individual is dynamic, so is the nature of the treatment plans that Dr. Parpia tailors for each patient. She uses a variety of modalities including oral and intravenous micronutrient therapy, botanical medicine, functional nutrition, injection therapies, lifestyle counseling, and craniosacral therapy.

Prior to joining Gordon Medical, Dr. Parpia was the lead Lyme Disease doctor at Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center. Previous to this she worked at San Francisco Natural Medicine. Soon after she graduated from medical school, she worked at Dr. Dietrich’s Klinghardt’s clinic while she trained with him and his lead physicians for one year. Dr. Parpia is also a certified yoga instructor and taught vinyasa yoga for several years.

What They Are Saying About
Nafysa Parpia, N.D.
Nafysa Parpia ND

My insights, were for the first time, listened to and explored by Dr. Parpia. She took a genuine interest in treating me as a whole person, not just a symptom, guiding and prescribing comprehensive health solutions. I feel Dr. Parpia recognizes that many things lead us down the road of wellness and offers wisdom, compassion and guidance to lead us there.

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Disability and Related Letters

Patients needing disability or related letters need to schedule an office visit with their GMA provider and bring all the information needed to address the letter properly.

Education and Professional Affiliations


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada – BSc
Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University, 2012

Advanced and Ongoing Education
  • Sophia Health Institute, Woodinville, Washington – One year working and training with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD and senior doctors.
  • Genomic medicine and MTHFR training, Dr. Ben Lynch and Dr. Paul Anderson.
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) – Bioidentical Hormone Therapy training,
  • Neural Therapy training and certification, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD and Jeff Harris, ND
  • American Academy of Procedural Medicine – Injection Therapy training,
  • IV Nutrient Therapy for Physicians – IV Nutrient Therapy training and certification.
  • Craniosacral Therapy training and certification with Nancy Solivan, DC, MD
  • Visceral Manipulation training and certification with Ron Mariotti, ND
  • Yoga teacher training and certification with Andrey Lappa and Baron Baptiste
Professional Memberships
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • California Naturopathic Doctors Association
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro
3:00 Chronic infection in the immune system
5:26 Relationship between an infection and a biotoxin
6:28 Types of infections
10:17 Environmental toxicity & increased autoimmune conditions
13:35 Heavy metals & detoxification protocols
17:55 Symptoms of parasites
25:18 Role of chronic infection on mental & emotional wellbeing
29:55 Dysbiosis & gut health
33:30 Dental infections
40:01 Sinus infections
44:05 Tips for mouth hygiene, oil pulling, tongue scraping
47:12 Tips for gut microbiome health
52:46 Tips to reduce infectious burden & increase immune function
55:57 Recommended diet & nutrition books
56:25 How to find a doctor to work with
59:22 Diagnostics, metabolomics, and prevention

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