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The Lyme Altar Documentary Now Available in the GMA Offices

While there are no magic bullets, there is much power in understanding that there is a community of people with shared experiences. We are not alone. Not only are we not alone, but there is great hope in knowing that open-minded practitioners and healers are working hard to advance treatment options and to improve the quality of life in those recovering from chronic illness. Here’s to your health….

Scott Forsgren in reviewing The Lyme Altar

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The Lyme Altar

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You can now purchase The Lyme Altar for $20.00 plus tax in the Gordon Medical offices. You can pick it up while you are in the office and save shipping costs, or contact our shipping department and they will ship it directly to you for approximately $6.00.

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Review of the Lyme Altar Documentary

Scott ForsgrenReview By Scott Forsgren from BetterHealthGuy

The Lyme Altar is a new documentary with a focus on the struggles of Lyme disease. The film was released in August 2014 and is available on A trailer of the film can be viewed below. It is a collaboration between Gordon Medical Associates (GMA) and Touchable Stories Productions. I personally enjoyed the powerhouse healers that shared their insights in the film. They included Joseph Burrascano MD, Eric Gordon MD, Neil Nathan MD, Wayne Anderson ND, Elizabeth Large ND and more.

The complexities of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease are described in the film including a review of some of the newest laboratory tests available. Given that only 17% of patients remember a tick bite and as low as 36% may have a classic bull’s-eye rash, newer diagnostic tools are critically needed. Patients are clearly not losing their minds, depressed, or lying, and yet, without definitive testing, this is often what they are told. Fortunately, we have practitioners and healers like those at GMA that view things very differently, believe patients, and recognize that it is the “richness of the story that sometimes gives us the clues”. [Read more…]


Review of Lyme Altar Documentary by Dorothy Leland


Telling the stories of people with Lyme disease

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland,
10 September 2014

The Lyme Altar : Documentary of Chronic lyme Disease

Purchase Online Now for $19.95!
Or Purchase in the Gordon Medical Offices

The Lyme Altar: A People’s History of Symptoms, Sacrifice and Hope,” a new documentary, focuses on Lyme patients and the doctors who treat them.

In the beginning of this film, we see what appears to be a sacred shrine. Upon closer examination, we find it is decorated with dozens of containers holding medications and supplements. Meanwhile, in the opening credits, the title The Lyme Altar (with an “ar”) transforms into The Lyme Alter (with an “er”).

It’s an intriguing juxtaposition. Is Lyme disease a holy experience? Are people with Lyme being seen as sacrificial lambs? Do people worship the medications they hope will heal them?

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