Bring the Healing Balance of Nature Indoors in Your Home or Business

Julie Galvan, CMTBy Julie Galvan, CMT

Why do we tend to feel better when spending time in nature? During a visit to Yosemite something happened that brought this question to my mind. After spending a few days there, I suddenly could do something I couldn’t at home – I went for a 4 mile hike. At home I was lucky to get a 4 block, slow walk in without post exertional malaise. There was no malaise after the Yosemite hike. Why would I have such a significant change, just by changing the environment? We checked our house for everything we could think of…no mold, no obvious EMF problems, nothing else we could find that could be impacting my health. So what was it? I was ready to move out of our lovely home when last September I was introduced to Biosyntonie. Here I found a similar change to when I was at Yosemite. Biosyntonie affects my body – and my home – in a way that is unique and profound. Here is my story of my discovery of this, and how it has helped not only me, but my whole family.

Julie Meditating at Yosemite

Julie meditating at Yosemite – photo courtesy of Joe Galvan

In September, 2014, Dr. Eric Gordon invited Dr. Jack Chang, LAc to come introduce Biosyntonie to the staff at Gordon Medical. It was a nice Saturday afternoon, and I wasn’t exactly excited to be indoors at work. So when Dr. Chang was introducing the concepts of Biosyntonie, I was daydreaming. Finally, we all went to different offices to receive individual Biosyntonie work. There the massage table was set up with the head facing North. When Dr. Chang came into my room, he looked at a piece of paper and said, “Okay, so you are Julie – it says here you like to float.”  I was amazed that he said that – my favorite thing to do is to float in a pool and look at the sky. I thought it was an obscure thing for Dr. Gordon to tell him. I assumed Dr. Gordon had directed Dr. Chang on what to do for each individual. Dr. Chang then placed 5 Biosyntonie devices (called colloid tubes) around me. A little weird, but OK. In about 10 minutes I felt deeply relaxed in very floaty, drifting way. Very nice.

Twenty minutes later, Dr. Chang came in and looked at the piece of paper again and said, “Okay, it says here you have pain in your low back and pelvis.” Wow! That was great. I say to myself, “I’m so glad Dr. Gordon told him about that – I do have chronic low back pain.” I was a little surprised Dr. Gordon thought to mention both of these to him. So I finally asked, “Did Dr. Gordon tell you what to treat?” He said, “No – my teacher, Dr. Norman Suhu told me what to do on each person.” I asked him how Dr. Suhu knew what was needed, and he said, “This is just who Dr. Suhu is and what he does. Dr. Gordon gave him all the names being treated today with no other information.” Okay – now I’m completely into being here on a Saturday.

Julie on the rocks at Yosemite

Julie on the rocks at Yosemite – Photo courtesy of Joe Galvan

Dr. Chang then puts what is called a Vitalys ceramic disc embedded with micro crystals on my forehead and another Vitalys disc on my pubic bone. After about 10 minutes I went into a deep place – you know that place where you’re suspended in the falling towards sleep? I usually feel like this after a long meditation or while receiving CranioSacral Therapy. This feeling is associated with your brain waves being in what is called an Alpha State. Alpha State is associated with a brain wave length that involves your creativity, visualization, meditation and healing. When all was done, I got up and I felt something I hadn’t in 14 years – my sacrum easily, peacefully in place. I hadn’t felt my sacrum in place since the year 2000, after I went flying off a horse. I can’t tell you the 100’s of hours and 1000’s of dollars that I spent trying to achieve this. You know those pains that just bug you at a low level over a long period of time? It gets to you in a deep way – right? It changes your thinking and your movement patterns and everything you do has to be considered to not aggravate that area. To have this so effortlessly come into a good alignment I felt like myself again.

At that moment I felt completely committed to Biosyntonie right then and there.

I began using these Biosyntonie devices (the colloid tubes and Vitalys disc) on myself at home. At first my response was strong. Big shifts in my sleeping came first. Then gradually, I started to feel other improvements. It happened gently and with little to no fanfare over about 4 months.

  • I had more restorative sleep
  • I remembered my dreams, something that had not been happening for years
  • I could walk for blocks, eventually up to over a mile every few days with no post exertional malaise
  • I had better thinking and better memory

A few months later I had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Norman Suhu. He has an office in Union Square in New York City. In the middle of this very intense place his office felt like an oasis. Watching him work was beyond amazing. I’ve seen many very gifted practitioners work – but watching him blew me away. It was like watching him conducting one of those big, full orchestras making beautiful music, and he was sitting back relaxed and in JOY. So impressive! It was there in his office I started to learn about the Geobiology aspect of Biosyntonie, where devices and natural elements are used to create balance in the environment.

Without telling anyone in my home, I put the device called “Fuse Box Protection” on my fuse box. This is meant to mitigate the impact of our Smart Meter as well as the “environmental pollution” from electricity. The fuse box is on the outside wall of my daughter’s bedroom. Sleep had never come easily to her and restorative sleep was rare. After three days I asked my daughter if she noticed anything different in her sleeping. She said, “Yes, for the last three nights I feel different sleeping and when I wake up I feel good.” That has continued! Then I used some devices designed specifically for the WiFi router. What a big difference that made for all of us! It was like the noise in the house went down. Who could believe that little WiFi box could cause so much unrest in our living room.  The next trial was a set of ceramic discs with micro crystals embedded in them for the refrigerator. I’ll be honest – I thought that was a bit far. Really – my refrigerator is a problem? I doubted it. I had to eat my words, because when we put the discs on the refrigerator – again a sense of less noise or buzz in the house. Sometimes it is only after something is gone do we know it was there in the first place. To have this noise gone was soothing to my whole nervous system.

Next Dr. Suhu helped me create the final touch with bringing in the 5 elements; fire, water, air, wood and metal into my home. This is done with using elements in nature and placing them in specific areas to create a balance and harmony that you feel in nature. This is the goal of Geobiology. What I noticed was:

  • the whole family is more relaxed
  • everyone is sleeping better
  • I teach movement classes at home, and the change in the students from before and after was subtle, but very noticeable to me. They were much more receptive to new information and less resistant to change.
  • For the first time in years, I no longer want to move out of my home! This is huge to me. It would have been a big financial hit to move. I did make an investment to do all of these things, but it has saved me more money by not having to move. Not only that, it has given me solace in my home. I now have a place of retreat from the stresses of the world.

Learn to bring natural harmony into your home- Photo courtesy of Joe Galvan

So why do we feel better in nature? Nature has a harmony that allows the body, mind, emotions and spirit to align with it, creating that natural harmony in us. With Biosyntonie and Geobiology, I found I could bring that healing natural harmony into my home so that I always have access to that healing power.