More about Body Technician Marilyn Graham

by Carolyn B. Welcome, PA-C

Marilyn doing Live Blood Analysis - Maggie Perkins 2017

Marilyn Graham doing Live Blood Analysis – Maggie Perkins 2017

If it can’t move, it would be happier if it could.

That’s one way Marilyn Graham sums up her philosophy of healing. At every level, a person’s well-being can increase when something previously held in a static position starts to move, becoming more fluid, flexible and responsive to stimuli. Think of a stiff joint, sluggish lymph flow, or a chronic injury that has yet to fully resolve. Consider an old trauma easily awakened or a long-standing habit that persists for no good reason. All of these issues can benefit when more movement – another choice – is introduced. [Read more…]


Introduction to EVOX Biofeedback March 22, 2-4 PM

Facilitate a shift in perception

Open the way for a more mature functional inner landscape

Improve any aspect of human performance  

EVOX Biofeedback intro

Change How You Habitually See and Experience Life
with Marilyn Graham

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Power Tapping for Release of Negative States – March 22, 6-8 PM

Clear negative body-mind states
Easy to learn, Simple to apply
Exceedingly effective


with Marilyn Graham
Release habitual patterns of restricted energy flow

A quick and powerful technique to clear negative body-mind states (uncomfortable physical, mental or emotional patterns, repetitive behaviors, etc.). Drawn from several different energy-meridian tapping techniques, the Power Tap™ is easy to learn, simple to apply and exceedingly effective. Memorize the protocol, and it’s at your fingertips whenever you need it for yourself or another. Similar to resetting a computer that has gone into a bad software/hardware loop, this technique resets ones subtle energy system by stimulating known energy points on the body. In so doing, it releases habitual patterns of restricted energy flow that manifest as ‘dis-ease’ in one’s body/mind.

March 22, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Call (707) 575-5180 to reserve space


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Learn Foot Reflexology for Self Care – March 8, 6-8 PM

An invaluable asset in one’s self-care medicine chest
Relieve stress, tension or discomfort
Use technique on yourself or others

Two hour class with Marilyn Graham

Take advantage of the correlations between points on the foot and specific body parts

This modality can be an invaluable asset in one’s self-care medicine chest. Taking advantage of the correlations between points on the foot and specific body parts, you can use technique on yourself or others to bring greater circulation, nerve flow and awareness into any area of the body, often relieving stress, tension or discomfort. You’ll learn how body’s geography can be located the feet, and how to use your hands for maximum benefit and comfort. Please come with clean feet (and clean socks) – you’ll have the opportunity to gain practical experience while you learn.

March 8, 2017 / 6:00 – 8:00 PM

$25 Per Class
Call (707) 575-5180 to reserve space

Download flyer: Foot Reflexology class


Learn What Frequency Specific Microcurrent Can Do For You – February 22. 6-8 PM

For patients interested in learning how FSM treatment might help them.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a new system of treatment, a refinement of microcurrent technology – tiny “doses” of electrical energy – and uses very specific frequencies of energy applied to the body to create beneficial changes in symptoms and health. In addition to helping with pain, it changes emotional states and improves health. This class will introduce FSM, demonstrate how it is used, and include a live demo of the technology.

Two hour class with Marilyn Graham and Carole Mudge

February 22, 2017/6:00 – 8:00 PM

Call (707) 575-5180 to reserve space

Download flyer: Frequency Specific Microcurrent class flyer


EVOX – Biofeedback through Voice

EVOX Biofeedback with Marilyn Graham

M.A. Kensey tries out EVOX biofeedback with Marilyn Graham

By Marilyn Graham

EVOX is a highly effective biofeedback process that works with the frequencies in a client’s voice to balance the negative effects of old emotional patterns, trauma and stress. Given the correlation between physical and emotional health, voice mapping can be a useful support in addressing chronic health problems.

Through a process known as Perception Reframing, the EVOX system helps clients change how they habitually see and experience life. The client speaks for 15-20 seconds about a chosen topic. The EVOX software produces a visual map of the frequencies present, missing, or over-energized in the voice. [Read more…]


Second Chance to Take the Weight Loss Class – February 8, 2-4 PM

Weight Loss Using Hypnosis

Feel your feelings instead of eating them
Visualize a new, healthy and right-sized body
Move your body more
Eat less, eat healthier

If you missed the first Weight Loss Using Hypnosis class, here is another chance to take it. This is the last Weight Loss class we have scheduled, so be sure to take advantage! [Read more…]


Have You Signed Up Yet for Your Class at GMA?

The free and low cost classes at GMA start January 11! Be sure to check over the class page to see what might be of interest to you. Learn about how body technologies offered at GMA support your health in the free body technology classes. In the self care classes you can learn how to take care of yourself with specific techniques taught in the class.  Each class will be offered twice, once during an afternoon, and once during an evening, so if you miss the first offering, check back for the next date! [Read more…]


Free Classes on Our Favorite Body Technologies Offered Beginning in January

Wednesday Afternoons 2-4 PM and Evenings 6-8 PM starting January 2017

Body Therapies at GMA

FREE! Learn More About How and Why These Techniques Work

Carole Mudge, Asha Baxter, Marilyn Graham

Carole Mudge, Asha Baxter, Marilyn Graham

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Self Care Classes with Marilyn Graham coming in January!

Marilyn Graham, one of our Body Technicians, is bringing a series of Self Care classes to GMA in January of 2017. These two hour classes will be offered on Wednesdays at either 2-4 PM or 6-8 PM. These are an excellent way to add to your self care skills, especially important in the early part of the year, when we may be recovering from over doing things during the holidays.  Classes are $25 per session.

Download flyer with all self care class dates: Self Help Classes with MG 12-8-16

Also watch for a series of free classes covering the Body Technologies offered at GMA! Live demos will be part of the classes. Details coming soon.

Weight Loss Using Hypnosis

Re-shape your attitudes toward healthy foods and exercise

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

You will experience 3 hypnosis sessions during the class. Hypnosis capitalizes on the notion that thoroughly relaxing the body signals the mind that there is no present threat. The body can then relax its vigilance and open to new ideas or instructions. The ideal result is that you literally change your mind on purpose.

January 11, 2017/6:00 – 8:00 PM or February 8, 2017/2:00 – 4:00 PM
$25 Per Class

Down load flyer:  Weight Loss Using Hypnosis 12-8-16

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