Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mold Toxicity

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, January 8, at 2 PM Pacific

Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mold Toxicity

I am delighted to be joined, again, this week by Dr. Joe Brewer to discuss the most current and up-to-date understanding we have on how to diagnose and treat Mold Toxicity.
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The Future of Healing the Immune System: Biome Reconstitution

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, June 19, at 2 PM Pacific

The Future of Healing the Immune System: Biome Reconstitution

Today, I am delighted to be joined by William Parker, PhD from Duke University, who is one of the pioneers of Biome Reconstitution. Although that phrase sounds complicated, what it refers to is correcting the imbalances in our intestines by re-introducing carefully selected benign microbes that have the ability to remind our immune system about the millennia-long relationship it has had with these microbes, and by doing so, reboot the intestinal milieu to a much healthier state. This concept may underlie the future of immunology and we encourage you to tune in for this important program.
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Part II Cystic Borrelia and Related Topics Including RoundBody Infections of the Brain

Published on Jul 21, 2013

Cystic Borrelia are under appreciated in borrelia biology. This Lecture discusses the formation of Cystic Borrelia, and the Pathological effects in the human body which are associated with Cystic borrelia, Especially in the Brain. Congential hydrocephalus caused by Gestational borreliosis [ 3 cases in world literature ] are reviewed in Detail.
Discussion of the possibility of motility in Cystic borrelia is correlated with Electron Microscopyof borrelia Cystic forms. The String of Pearls form of borrelia is illustrated and the identification of Borrelia String of Pearls forms in human blood by Profesor Morten Laane is illustrated. Round bodies associated with various Nerodegenerative Disorders in the Human [ ALS, Parkinson’s, Cortical Lewy body Dementia. CorticoBasal Degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, FrontoTemporal Dementia] are correlated with parallel observations of Round Body Borrelia Invading Human Brain neurons in a case of Alzheimer’s disease. A New paradigm of Round body Neuropathology is suggested for further Study as evidence of Invasive Cystic borrelia microbes. This Paradigm would shift the classification of Neurodegenerative disorders containing Round Intra-neuronal bodies from Idiopathic in Cause to Infectious Diseases of the Human Brain.

Alan B. MacDonald MD July 21,2013
forms in the Human Brain.


NonSpiral Borrelia Part 1 Explanation of Shape Shifting and Form Metamorphosis of Spirochetes

Published on Jul 17, 2013

Alan MacDonald

Spirochetes are Expected to present as spiral or corkscrew shaped profiles. This idea comes from Textbook depictions. Spiral profiles are ,in fact, only ONE form of many other Alternate PERFECT spirochetal Forms ; These Include Round body Spirochetes [Cystic spirochetes], Granular dot like Spirochetes, Biofilm Community Spirochetes, and Liposomal {bleb -like] Spirochetes.

All of the Above Spirochetes are PERFECT.

All of the Above Spirochetes are capable of producing injury in the human Host, Shape shifting is an adaptation of the Spirochetes to survival in Adverse conditions. All Non-Spiral spirochetes are capable of regeneration the Spiral form depicted in Textbooks.


The Biology of Lyme Disease: An Expert’s Perspective

This is for the detail oriented, not for general information, so don’t worry if it is too much to understand. GMA

Published on Jul 20, 2013 on Youtube

This is a 30 minute video with Dr. Alan MacDonald, a retired M.D. and board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology. This revealing interview from May 2013 (1 of 3) covers many of the controversies associated with Lyme disease:

– Chronic lyme disease
– Alzheimer’s and Lyme disease: microscopy and culturing brain tissue
– How Borrelia changes and survives within the human host
– The many strains and variations in Borrelia, how this relates to flawed testing

The complete interview is available from The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation.

And a specific library of current intelligence on biofilms:

And the non-profit web site, pls make an any-sized donation:


Discovery Opens Door To Attacking Biofilms That Cause Chronic Infections

Biofilms Colony image

Bacteria grow in colonies called biofilms

Discovery Opens Door To Attacking Biofilms
That Cause Chronic Infections


A clever new imaging technique discovered at the University of California, Berkeley, reveals a possible plan of attack for many bacterial…


Maybe this will provide new options in treatment for Lyme disease, MARCoNS (methicillin resistant conegative staph), sinus infections, heart disease, chronic gastrointestinal issues, and many other illnesses that we see in our patients here at GMA?