Interview with Michelle Perro, MD – What’s Making Our Children Sick?

Michelle Perro, MDAccording to the CDC, one out of two children in our country now has a chronic disorder. There is an epidemic of Autism Spectrum Disorder in our country, with one in 43 boys being affected, and one in 68 children overall. In addition, one in five children is obese, and one in eight has asthma (one in six African-American children). Children are also showing record levels of autoimmune disorders. Children with chronic stomach-ache or constipation are now so common that parents don’t even think of it as a problem any more. Learning challenges such as ADD and ADHD have become commonplace household names.

Want to find out what you can do to help our children? Michelle Perro, MD, has been researching and working clinically with children now for 37 years, and she has some ideas for you. Dr. Perro has been a tireless advocate concerning the role of GM food and their associated pesticides and their effect on children’s health. Listen to her interview in the podcast linked below, and order her new book, “What’s Making Our Children Sick?“, coming January 2018.
What's Making Our Children Sick?

Carol Grieve, of Food Integrity Now, interviews Michelle Perro, MD


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Chronic disorders among American children have reached epidemic levels. Hundreds of thousands of parents are desperately seeking solutions to their children’s declining health. Food Integrity Now spoke with Dr. Michelle Perro, Pediatrician and co-author of What’s Making Our Children Sick? How Industrial Food is Causing an Epidemic of Chronic Illness and What Parents (and Doctors) Can Do About It. This book is a radical rethinking of the relationships between our children’s food, medicine and health in this timeframe. Dr. Perro offers first-hand and well-researched information about what is making our children sick and provides solutions that could help turn around this epidemic. Her information is both practical and scientific and is a must read for parents, doctors or anyone who wants to improve their health and the health of their children.

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Carol Grieve of Food Integrity Now


Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Food!

Be sure to check the recipes for any ingredients that may be problematic for you. There are paleo style, vegie, dairy free, gluten free, and low carb options here. Find something to make the day special!

Round Up of Paleo Style Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

One Pot Bacon Barised Lamb Stew

One Pot Bacon Braised Lamb Stew by Cotter Crunch

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Getting Around Roadblocks To Healthy Eating Habits

heather croppedBy Heather Greenfield, MS, CNS – Nutritional Consultant

“Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”
~Harvey Fierstein

Whether you have Lyme disease, mold toxicity, CFIDS, or undiagnosed gut issues, cleaning up your diet is one of the most powerful tools for health that you can use. It will help improve your immune system so that your doctor can treat you more effectively. You may just need less medication as a result of having a healthier diet. Everybody wants to get better, so why is changing one’s diet so challenging?

I love to share information and help guide people to more vibrant health through eating the healthiest foods for their body. To me, dietary changes are almost never about weight loss. Food can be medicine, and eating healthy food is really about improving the immune response, controlling blood sugar, and discovering hidden food sensitivities. [Read more…]


Last Minute Holiday Food Ideas

By Heather McLean Greenfield, MS, CNS

Hello all and happy holidays! I thought about getting all serious about nutrition. Then it dawned on me, “Self,” I said, “Just relax and seize the day!” While you’re engrossed in partying with family and friends, New Year’s resolutions are probably already forming in your mind, and I’m sure you’re all planning on rushing into my office come January (cheesy smile with jazz hands included). Until then, you’ll be getting in all the fun and festivities that might include things like crazy Christmas cocktails, large carbohydrate ridden dinners, and deserts that magically move from your lips to your hips. Let me give you a few links to help you make healthier carbohydrate ridden, sugary choices. You’re on your own with those crazy cocktails! [Read more…]


What Is YOUR Perfect Diet for Optimal Health?

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, November 14, at 2 PM Pacific

What Is YOUR Perfect Diet for Optimal Health?

My next series of new shows starts November 14, 2014, with an hour of talk on the perfect diet for YOU. Today we will be joined by functional nutritionist Heather McLean-Greenfield, MS, CNS, to discuss diet and nutrition. We will emphasize the need for each person to individualize their own nutritional program and review a wide variety of diets which will include low carb, hypoglycemic, intermittent fasting, vegetarian and GAPS approaches. Our discussion will include food sensitivities and the use of the BIA (Bio Impedence Analysis), as well as healthy fats, quality proteins and GMO considerations.

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Intestinal Health: Key to Healing

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, September 5, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Intestinal Health: Key to Healing

We will be delving into all aspects of intestinal health and its role in healing. This will include discussions about food allergy, probiotics, enzymes, overgrowth of candida and toxic bacterial species (called intestinal dysbiosis) and much more.


All Disease Begins in the Gut

“All disease begins in the gut” ~ Hippocrates

Lyme disease,… Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) and other tick borne coinfections are strange, confounding, infuriating, scary, annoying, mysterious, and apparently controversial. Call it active Lyme or chronic Lyme, or do like the Infectious Disease Society of America guys do: deny, deny, deny, and call it “Post Lyme Disease Syndrome.” The fact remains, people are still sick. The symptoms are many, and can be anything from uncomfortable to debilitating. Today, we concentrate on how food can effect how you feel and heal from tick borne illness.

When infected by Lyme disease, the immune system is invaded with a tiny microorganism called a spirochete that is thought to be capable of sequestering itself into the tissues of the body. This can make it difficult to eradicate with one short-term prescription of antibiotics. The spirochete is intelligent and can use the body to hide and shift while avoiding treatment. The ability for this microorganism to hide can create a constant state of infection that causes persistent inflammation and immune dysregulation. With over 70% of the immune system lining the gut, this can lead to digestive inflammation and other digestive and systemic issues. Since you eat every day, and the immune system has to deal with everything that you eat, you might just have a problem on your hands if you’re eating the wrong foods. [Read more…]


Why Should I Eat a Gluten Free Diet?

Most of you have either seen the “Gluten-free” label, or heard an opinion on the folly or wisdom of a gluten-free diet.

What does gluten-free mean?

Gluten is a protein present only in certain grains. It is most concentrated in wheat, but is also found in rye and barley and sometimes in oats. Gluten largely determines the texture of bread and other products because it improves its leavening properties.  Without gluten, bread simply wouldn’t be fluffy.

What’s wrong with fluffy bread?

The interventions by agricultural scientists to create strains of wheat which make bread even fluffier did so by modifying the gluten, which is still brand new (40 years is new on the evolutionary timetable) to our digestive tract. These new strains of wheat that contain this new kind of gluten are farmed by the huge commercial farms in the US to the exclusion of most of the old wild strains. Researchers and doctors have seen a steady rise in immune dysregulation, autoimmunity, and imbalanced gut microflora over the last few decades, especially since the 1970s, when these new wheat strains were introduced to the American farmer. It is our current reality that the food we count on daily as part of a regular, wholesome diet can adversely affect many other aspects of our health. [Read more…]


Healthy Green Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

32 Healthy Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

These recipes from include breakfast all the way through desert with healthy recipes for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Be sure to check that any recipe doesn’t have things you don’t do well with, but almost everyone should be able to find something to try! [Read more…]


I Can’t Eat WHAT???!!! Adventures in Food Allergies

By Melissa Kaplan

Gluten containing foodsBack in the mid 1990s, something now long forgotten prompted me to try going gluten-free for a while to see if it made any difference in how I was feeling. I’d been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia in 1990, and nothing was really helping. How hard could it be, I thought, to go without bread and pasta for awhile? Okay, and the occasional pizza, biscuits and pancakes… And cookies…And brownies… I come from sturdy peasant stock, so I could so go gluten free (GF)… For awhile… Just to see.

I spent the next couple of weeks craving bread, pasta, anything and everything made with that lovely gluten dough and batter. It wasn’t just the thinking about what I could not eat; my body was positively demanding anything wrapped up in bread. [Read more…]