Self Care Ideas for Getting More Rest

Source: Why You Still Probably Need More Rest

Very nice article with some good reminders on how to get more rest. Even though it is written for the Primal Living audience, the basic issues are the same for those with chronic illness. How to get real rest. Try some of the ideas, and see if they can help.


Poor Sleep and Some Strange Causes

Lauren Gordon-FahnBy Lauren Gordon-Fahn, LAc

Those who struggle with insomnia, even if it is infrequent, can find themselves more impacted by the lack of sleep in winter. Winter is a time to focus on restoration more than energy output. There are hundreds of causes for insomnia. There are many articles on how to create better sleep hygiene by regulating sleep schedule, removing blue light exposure, which down-regulates melatonin production, and removing light in our bedroom. This article shares a few infrequently explored causes for poor sleep which may be highly effective for some insomniacs. [Read more…]


Sleep Problems: Here’s how to get your 8-9 hours of sleep every night

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Sleep Problems: Here’s how to get your 8-9 hours of sleep every night

Today we will delve into the importance of sleep for healing and provide valuable information about the proper use of supplements and medication to attain it. Understanding the role of sleep apnea and pain in undermining sleep will be discussed.


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CPAP Assistance Program (CAP)
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