Happy Holidays From Everyone at GMA!

Happy Holidays from GMA

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Holiday Supplement Shipping Schedule

Trina as Santa's Helper

Trina as Santa’s Helper – everyone who knows Trina, know she is not only a help at the holiday season, but all year!

The staff at GMA are working hard to be sure your holidays are as bright as possible. Help make it easier on them, and be sure to get your supplement orders in early for the holiday period. GMA’s shipping department will have shortened hours over the holiday period, as will the GMA Pharmacy at NPScript. NPScript is also making a change in their shipping rates as of 1/1/2017, so get your order in now to take advantage of the best rates. [Read more…]

Happy Halloween!

GMA MA team

MA Team – Barbara, Lily, Kensey, Kelly

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Happy New Year!

Best Wishes for Health, Love, Joy, and Light in the New Year!

Galaxy Abell 1689

Galaxy Abell 1689’s Gravitational Lens Magnifies Light of Distant Galaxies



Last Minute Holiday Food Ideas

By Heather McLean Greenfield, MS, CNS

Hello all and happy holidays! I thought about getting all serious about nutrition. Then it dawned on me, “Self,” I said, “Just relax and seize the day!” While you’re engrossed in partying with family and friends, New Year’s resolutions are probably already forming in your mind, and I’m sure you’re all planning on rushing into my office come January (cheesy smile with jazz hands included). Until then, you’ll be getting in all the fun and festivities that might include things like crazy Christmas cocktails, large carbohydrate ridden dinners, and deserts that magically move from your lips to your hips. Let me give you a few links to help you make healthier carbohydrate ridden, sugary choices. You’re on your own with those crazy cocktails! [Read more…]


Enjoy Your Vices: How NOT To Feel Guilty About Your Health Over the Holidays

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, December 19, at 2 PM Pacific

Enjoy Your Vices:

Today we will be talking about health concerns over the holidays: with all the temptations of food, alcohol and revelry, most folks are hard on themselves about how they deal with these unavoidable stressors, and usually beat themselves up far more than they need to. We will try to help you with this, bringing information and peace of mind so you can make healthy, but joy-filled choices.



By Heather McLean Greenfield, MS, CNS

Holiday season is upon us again! Thanksgiving is coming up, and it’s all about family and feasting. There is something about the warmth of connecting with people you love and the pleasure of tasting food and feeling too full. Okay, sometimes family is stressful, but the food is almost always a pleasure! Until you’re asked to change your diet… My business dries up to a trickle as people set their sights on January as a target time to change their lifestyle. No one wants to feel “different”, “deprived”, or “guilty” for their food choices. All of those feelings become very isolating, contracting, and depressing. Not the way you want to spend your holidays! How can you feel empowered and curious again while you navigate these territories? [Read more…]


GMA Spirit Day 2014

left to right- back row: Kelly, Trina. center row: Justin, Sarah, Carol, Hannah, Barbara, Mimi. front row: Nhi, Lindsay, Mercedez

GMA staff shows its team spirit!     Left to right- back row: Kelly (Medical Assistant), Trina (Lab Tech).     Center row: Justin (Bookkeeping), Sarah (Records), Carol (FSM Bodywork), Hannah (Medical Assistant), Barbara (Medical Assistant), Mimi (Nursing).     Front row: Nhi (Medical Assistant), Lindsay (Records Supervisor), Mercedez (Reception).




Healthy Sugar-Free Easter Recipes Galore – Mostly Grain Free

Sorry, this is going up late. But you still have time to make up some Easter treats. Check out all the options at Whole New Mom. She has something for everyone! Pop on over to see what she can entice you with. As always, be sure to check the recipe for anything that isn’t good for you personally. Often you can substitute something else. Healthy Easter Treats


Healthy Green Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

32 Healthy Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

These recipes from include breakfast all the way through desert with healthy recipes for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Be sure to check that any recipe doesn’t have things you don’t do well with, but almost everyone should be able to find something to try! [Read more…]