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Studies Show BRAVO® Probiotics Support the Immune System

Live microbes in BRAVO® support the gastrointestinal tract
in a healthy reconstitution of the microbiome.

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The Future of Healing the Immune System: Biome Reconstitution

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, June 19, at 2 PM Pacific

The Future of Healing the Immune System: Biome Reconstitution

Today, I am delighted to be joined by William Parker, PhD from Duke University, who is one of the pioneers of Biome Reconstitution. Although that phrase sounds complicated, what it refers to is correcting the imbalances in our intestines by re-introducing carefully selected benign microbes that have the ability to remind our immune system about the millennia-long relationship it has had with these microbes, and by doing so, reboot the intestinal milieu to a much healthier state. This concept may underlie the future of immunology and we encourage you to tune in for this important program.
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