Gordon Medical IV Services Accepting Patients with Prescriptions from Non-GMA Practitioners

IV ServicesGordon Medical Associates now has two offices providing IV services to patients, one in the Santa Rosa office, and one in our newer San Rafael office. While these services were originally only open to Gordon Medical patients, we are now accepting prescriptions from non-GMA providers, so that more patients will have access to the benefits that IV treatments can provide. If you believe IV treatment would be helpful for you, and you live within reachable distance of either of our offices, talk with your current practitioner and ask them to contact Gordon Medical. We will set them up so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.  Your practitioner will still need to decide what treatments would be of help to you, and will need to supervise your response to treatment, just as at any other IV service center.

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Practitioners can call the office at (707) 575-5180 to get started.


IV Services Now Available in Both Our Santa Rosa and Our San Rafael Offices

IV services available at our San Rafael location.

What is IV Therapy?

IV ServicesIV therapies are medications and/or fluids that are given intravenously. We access veins using a butterfly needle or IV catheter. Medications are either slowly infused by drip or given through a syringe manually.

How can IV Therapy help me?

IV therapies are indicated for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to: fluid and electrolyte replacement, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, detoxification, and/or pain relief.

Why should I use IV Therapy?

IV therapies are fast acting due to the direct introduction into the bloodstream. IV medications do not have to undergo [Read more…]