Stress Reduction Through Qigong Practice

The Health Benefits of Practicing Qigong

By Federico G. Anguiano SEP CQI –  Federico is a qigong and meditation instructor who studied qigong in China, New Zealand and California.

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The practice of Qigong has been amply and widely demonstrated to accrue many health benefits over time for the practitioner.  I use the term qigong here as referring to the following: Qigong is characterized and defined by its essential method: the practice of interiorizing consciousness.

Thus, the practice of qigong involves a special use of consciousness that involves focus, concentration and intention. Qigong is yishou yinian jizhong zhuanyi: focus the mind on one thing through the activation of conscious intention.

This method embraces the following two ideas:

1) Our daily activities are usually oriented toward external objects (things, activities, perceptions) that are not essential for our life process. A qigong practitioner interiorizes daily activities in order to merge and be united with their life process. An example of this is: focusing the mind on the body at all times.

2) We commonly focus our daily activities outward, moving from one thing to another; from the one to the many. A qigong practitioner centralizes their activities of consciousness a single object of focus, returning from multiplicity to oneness. An example of this is: becoming more and more specific in our thinking, making it active only volitionally, not allowing our associations to ‘ramble’ uncontrollably.

Now, how is this related to health?

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