EVOX – Biofeedback through Voice

EVOX Biofeedback with Marilyn Graham

M.A. Kensey tries out EVOX biofeedback with Marilyn Graham

By Marilyn Graham

EVOX is a highly effective biofeedback process that works with the frequencies in a client’s voice to balance the negative effects of old emotional patterns, trauma and stress. Given the correlation between physical and emotional health, voice mapping can be a useful support in addressing chronic health problems.

Through a process known as Perception Reframing, the EVOX system helps clients change how they habitually see and experience life. The client speaks for 15-20 seconds about a chosen topic. The EVOX software produces a visual map of the frequencies present, missing, or over-energized in the voice. The map associates the charged frequencies with particular emotions or behaviors, like sadness, or unworthiness. While there is no definitive correlation this information may contribute to insights about underlying patterns.

You can’t change what happens in your life, but you can change how you hold it, and ultimately, how you respond to it. Most perceptions are static, and a false or dysfunctional perception that continues operating under the surface can cause repeated suffering or self-sabotage.

For example, a golfer may always approach the ball the same way and thus reach a performance plateau. At a conscious level she may learn better techniques, but at a subconscious level she is still bound by the perceptions she carries about her golf game or her ability to master it.

EVOX with Marilyn Graham

M.A. Kensey looks at EVOX readout with Marilyn Graham


In the case of relationships, a person may repeatedly attract destructive behaviors. This is the result of a static perception that perpetuates dysfunctional outcomes regardless of a conscious desire for a healthier relationship.

You can see this kind of static pattern when multiple voice maps on an issue all look the same or very similar. Using the EVOX system, it is possible to “break the spell” of these deeply habitual and unconscious patterns. EVOX users have reported positive impacts on various aspects of their life, including health, interpersonal relationships and personal performance.

Based on the data collected, EVOX then determines frequency signals that will facilitate a shift in perception. These signals are sent to the client through the Hand Cradle as the client listens to relaxing music for 1-5 minutes. Repeating this cycle a few times can quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe, perception at both a conscious and subconscious level, opening the way for a more mature or functional inner landscape, and improving any aspect of human performance.

EVOX Hand CradleIn a typical session, the client and practitioner develop a plan for addressing one or more topics, or areas of difficulty. In turns, the client alternately speaks about the issue for 20-30 seconds and then spends 2-5 minutes listening to calming music while receiving the balancing signals through the Hand Cradle. It may require several cycles before the voice maps indicate a clear shift in perception.

While receiving the EVOX biocommunication, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication. Although some people may be able to sense this energetic communication, most are unaware that anything is taking place.

EVOX sessions can be done in person or remotely, using the phone and internet. To do a session online, you first purchase a Hand Cradle (about $250) and download a free software package that connects you via the internet to the practitioner running the EVOX software. You interact by phone or Skype while using the Hand Cradle as you would in the office.

The client determines the pacing of EVOX sessions, based on interest and budget. You can work on a single issue, or multiple inter-related issues. There is a recommended Transgenerational process that consists of 4-5 sessions designed to clear the hereditary echoes of past generations. Many find that this opens the way for better results on issues approached after it is completed. Once a week for a month or two should make it clear whether this modality is helpful. It can then be used as needed or inspired. For people doing intensive work, no more than twice a week is recommended.

A typical session is about an hour. The initial session is 90 minutes, and you have the option of booking follow-ups that are either 60 or 90 minutes. Some sessions are complete within 45 minutes, in which case the fee is reduced.

EVOX is available for self referral by GMA patients and the public. Please call Gordon Medical Associates at (707) 575-5180 to schedule EVOX appointments. They are currently offered in Santa Rosa on Tuesdays and in San Rafael on Thursdays – other days by special arrangement only.

Marilyn offers an introductory class with a live demo on EVOX on February 8 at 6-8 PM and on March 22 at 2-4 PM. The class is FREE! Call (707) 575-5180 to reserve a space.

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