Frequency Specific Microcurrent as Adjunct Treatment for Lyme Disease – Practical Application

The second part of the presentation from the Advanced Training in the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

See the videos from Part One.


  1. Mitzie, you can find a local FSM practitioner through the list here: Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioners I suggest you see someone who is a teacher or certified as a practitioner, not someone who only took the core training. You can see this info on the list they will provide. You want someone with some experience. I don’t know for sure if you can find someone who understands Lyme disease, though they have been offering training at the recent advanced FSM seminars. Of course you could always travel to see our practitioners, if that was possible. Many people do. We have a small local airport just a few miles down the road from our offices. We have practitioners who do FSM as well as Lyme treatment, hormones, herbs, and lots more. If you wanted to try that, you can contact the office at (707) 575-5180 or

    You might also want to talk to one of your local Lyme disease support groups, or join an online group. They often have good information on who is treating locally. Lyme Disease Resources There are a few groups just for teenagers that could be of particular help for you.

    Hope that gets you started!

  2. mitzie burger says:

    We don’t have any MD with FSM experience locally. Can you recommend a good practitioner? MD test proved negative for Lyme’s 3 years ago. Our ND found Lymes a year after a tick bite. We are still treating her thyroid but it is slow going. Thyroid would not respond positive with any treatment with Lyme’s infection still present. She is currently taking Thytrophan PMG by Standard Process, The original Armour thyroid meds. She is using everything Im giving her but have to increase very slowly. Can you recommend a good practioner to help her?

    Mitzie Burger

  3. Hi Mitzie,

    Frequency Specific Microcurrent may be helpful, depending on what the exact cause of the symptoms is. Microcurrent does not work based on a symptom, like uncontrolled movements. It works on the causes, such as inflammation in the brain. If that is the cause, then it will help. But there are many potential causes for each symptom, so you need a good practitioner to find the right frequencies.

    In addition, you might consider that your daughter could still be infected. Negative Lyme tests are not always accurate, especially with later stage Lyme. You might want to get a second opinion as to whether she needs further treatment. A knowledgeable Lyme doctor will base treatment on symptoms, tests, and the response to treatment. The symptoms you are describing could possibly be signs of ongoing infection, or signs of damage from infection that is gone. Finding out which it is will help in deciding on the correct treatment.

    Best wishes to you both!

  4. mitzie burger says:

    My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago with Lymes by an ND. Under went homeopathic and herbal treatments, but still hasn’t made a full recovery. Although the lymes is no longer showing up in test. Perhaps the FSM would help her recovery memory and get rid of voices? She still has trouble getting her words to come out right. And has uncontrollable arm and head movements. Still looking for answers.

  5. Of course! You can find all of our contact info on this page.

    We are at
    Gordon Medical Associates
    3471 Regional Parkway
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    (707) 575-5180

    The new patient coordinator is Marilyn, and you can call her direct line at (707) 396-5812.

    I personally use a home microcurrent unit, and it has been a real lifesaver for me. I used to have chronic, almost constant migraines, and nothing seemed to work for them. When we first got a microcurrent unit in the office, I decided to see what it did. Truly by chance, we picked a program that worked for me, and I have never again had the chronic migraines. In the beginning, I had to run it daily, but now, years later, I only have to run that program if I have an occasional (every few months) migraine.

    The trick with microcurrent is to find the precise cause of your symptoms, and to treat that very specifically. That is why I say it was pure luck we found my cure, but since that time, we have all learned a lot about how it works. I hope it is as successful for you in your care.

  6. Thank you for the prompt reply. I am not a GMA patient but would like to contact your office. Can you please provide contact information? Thank you.

  7. Hi Charleen,

    The FSM units are a prescription item. At GMA we usually have patients try the treatment with one of the practitioners to be sure they do well on them, and then the doctor can write up a script with the appropriate programming. Are you a GMA patient? If so, you can speak to your doctor about your interest. If not, contact the office to see what would be involved in a trial of the units. We have several people in our office who are very good with the FSM, and will be able to find the best frequencies for you.

  8. charleen veach says:

    Please tell me how I can get an fsm machine for home use.a