GcMAF Immunotherapy Treatment for CFS

The CFS Patient Advocate Blog has covered the recent conference at the new Mt sinai ME/CFS Research and treatment center.he is posting written content, as well as video taken during the conference. Chronic Lyme patients may find the information helpful.

Read : Mt. Sinai ME/CFS conference report – Sunday November 20, 2011

Mt. Sinai ME/CFS conference – De Meirleir lecture

 Dr. Kenny De MeirleirSix presentations were given at the Mt. Sinai ME/CFS Research and Treatment Center conference on Sunday November 20, 2011. Here is a lecture delivered by Dr. Kenny De Meirleir, who practices medicine in Brussels. Dr. De Meirleir has worked with ME/CFS patients for many years and is seen as one of the foremost ME/CFS Clinician/Researchers. Dr. De Meirleir spoke for a half-hour on the compassionate use of GcMAF in this patient population. Dr. De Meirleir will be associated with this new ME/CFS Center at Mt. Sinai- as a clinical consultant.
 The video and audio was made by Peter and Nicholas Cairns.