Neural Therapy relieves chronic pain, neuropathy, and illness, reduces wrinkles and scars

Nafysa Parpia, NDBy Nafysa Parpia, ND

Neural therapy is a specialized injection technique that aids in the treatment of chronic pain, neuropathy and illness, as well wrinkle and scar reduction. It was developed in Germany, and is commonly used there for such treatment. In America, injection techniques such as epidural, regional and trigger point injections are typically used in acute conditions. There are only a small number of doctors in America who are highly experienced and trained in neural therapy for chronic conditions, as well as facial line reduction as I use it in my Anti-Aging protocols.

Neural Therapy involves treatment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS consists of a vast network of nerve endings extending to almost all cells in the body, and controls unconscious bodily functions such as: metabolism, intestinal motility, cellular respiration, heart rate, circulation, body temperature and breathing.

Microbial infections, toxicity, allergens, stress, scars and trauma provoke chronic disturbances in the ANS and cellular electrochemical tissue function. Each cell in our body has a charge of 40-90 millivolts.  Injured cells transmit inefficient information, creating an interference field in the electrical field of the body. The result is often inflammation, pain, and scars in the area of trauma, or a taxed nervous system.

Neural therapy includes the injection of low dose procaine into areas surrounding peripheral nerves, ganglions, glands, trigger points, scars and wrinkles to heal the chronic disturbances in these tissues.  Re-establishing ANS balance and healthy electrical impulses through Neural Therapy allows for the healing of stressed nerves and their ability to send out appropriate nerve impulses to organs and tissues they supply. Neural Therapy also has effects similar to acupuncture when needling is done in acupuncture points. An unblocking of the Qi meridians takes place, thus allowing for more functional Qi flow.

Many different types of symptoms can be treated with Neural Therapy. These include:  chronic headaches, back pain, joint inflammation, neuropathy, sciatica and pain in almost any region of the body. In complex chronic illnesses such as Lyme Disease, MS, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Neural Therapy is an important adjunctive therapy.

Neural Therapy is safe and side effects are occasional. As with all injection therapies, there is a possible adverse effect of bruising or infection. The risk of infection is very low and uncommon, as the injections are subcutaneous and therefore superficial.

Other possible adverse effects are temporary. Because nerve function and circulation is often improved, there is the possibility of the release of accumulated metabolic acids in the injured area. Cellular detoxification typically takes place as well. Both may rarely result in temporary symptoms such as fatigue, general achiness or headache. Such symptoms are easily managed with adequate water intake, rest or a mild analgesic.

If you are allergic to novocaine/procaine, you must inform your physician. Normal saline may be used as an alternative, however it is not as effective as procaine.

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