More about Body Technician Marilyn Graham

by Carolyn B. Welcome, PA-C

Marilyn doing Live Blood Analysis - Maggie Perkins 2017

Marilyn Graham doing Live Blood Analysis – Maggie Perkins 2017

If it can’t move, it would be happier if it could.

That’s one way Marilyn Graham sums up her philosophy of healing. At every level, a person’s well-being can increase when something previously held in a static position starts to move, becoming more fluid, flexible and responsive to stimuli. Think of a stiff joint, sluggish lymph flow, or a chronic injury that has yet to fully resolve. Consider an old trauma easily awakened or a long-standing habit that persists for no good reason. All of these issues can benefit when more movement – another choice – is introduced. [Read more…]


Introduction to EVOX Biofeedback March 22, 2-4 PM

Facilitate a shift in perception

Open the way for a more mature functional inner landscape

Improve any aspect of human performance  

EVOX Biofeedback intro

Change How You Habitually See and Experience Life
with Marilyn Graham

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Scenar Energy Medicine – Self Controlled Energy Neuron Adaptive Regulation

ScenarWhat is Scenar?

Scenar is a small hand held device that “listens” to the body by recording the skin’s galvanic response, and its electrical impedance. Scenar then returns a newly modified signal back to the body, and listens to the reply – which becomes a bio-feedback treatment loop.

How can Scenar help me?

Using biofeedback to stimulate the nervous system, Scenar teaches the body to heal itself. The device sends out a [Read more…]