Conversation with Eric Gordon, M.D. on Transmission and Treatment Issues

Dr. Gordon spent some time in conversation to cover some of the remaining patient questions from the conference with Dr. Burrascano. The following is a transcript from that conversation. The second part of the talk will be posted later this week.

Initial questions:

Can Lyme or co-infections be transmitted thru sex or kissing?

 Please address whether Lyme is an STD?

 Can it be transmitted from an adult to young children during normal care giving?

 What do you think about the possibility of sexual transmission or other TBD? [Read more…]


Lyme During Pregnancy


I passed Lyme to both of my children. If they are on antibiotics during pregnancy, will it prevent passing the Lyme to their children?

Dr. Eric GordonAnswer from Dr. Eric Gordon:

If your children have active Lyme, treatment before pregnancy would be the best course.  Treatment during pregnancy with antibiotics does prevent transmission of Lyme. Certain antibiotics have been found, in the proper doses, to prevent transmission, and to be safe for the fetus.

There may be a chance of transmission of Lyme bacteria in breast milk, also. If you still have active Lyme disease, you should discuss with your physician whether you should breast feed your child.

Dr. Eric Gordon is the founder of  Gordon Medical Associates. What Dr. Gordon emphasizes is listening to his patients. “I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them. I interpret the information they present, and blend it with laboratory results and imaging and other tests to determine a protocol that is customized to their condition.”