Ozone Treatment for Immune Support and Wound Healing

Ozone therapy at Gordon Medical AssociatesOzone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with dramatic success and safety. Ozone therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Ozone (O3) is a modified form of oxygen, produced from oxygen (O2) in an electric generator. It is produced as a gas, with powerful oxidizing properties and multiple medical uses.

Ozone is simply an energized form of oxygen. It is created when electric or ultraviolet energy causes oxygen atoms to temporarily recombine in groups of three. Once inside the body, the ozone attaches itself to diseased cells. Cells infected with a virus are already weakened by being used as a host by the disease. This weakening shows up as lowered levels of enzymatic activity in the cell wall. The substandard protein coating is imbalanced and incomplete, and it is the perfect attractor for the extra oxygen molecule present in medical ozone.

Once the ozone attaches itself to the infected cell, the cell wall is further damaged. Either the immune system is activated to remove the damaged cell, or the apoptosis pathway is activated in the affected cell. Apoptosis is programmed cell death, the normal process of removing ill or damaged cells in a healthy body. In both cases the cell is broken down and removed from the body. Healthy cells with intact cell walls are not damaged. In fact, healthy cells get a boost in their ability to make more energy after exposure to ozone in small amounts. All substances are toxic in the wrong quantities, but ozone used medically is applied in quantities that help, not harm.

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Effective Herbal Formulas for Complex Chronic Illness

New Visions for Health Talk RadioNew Visions for Health talk radio with Joanna C.

Are you interested in Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & other chronic complex illness?

Tune in for an interview with special guest Susan McCamish of Beyond BalanceSusan McCamish, naturopath.

Susan is best known for her effective herbal formulas for people with chronic complex illness – including Lyme, other tick borne illness, acute and chronic infections, autoimmune illness, and environmental toxicity. Her formulas are used internationally by prominent holistic and Lyme literate M.D.’s and other health practitioners. She has had personal experience with chronic illness and is truly dedicated to helping others.

Sunday, March 9th 2-4pm Pacific Daylight Time  (Set your clock ahead – this is the first day of the time change for Daylight Savings)
New Visions for Health
KOWS Radio
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Watch an excerpt of Susan McCamish speaking at the 2011 ILADS Conference.


Summaries from ILADS

The CFS Patient Advocate has several summaries from the 2013 ILADS Conference that can be read on his blog:

Dr. Joseph Brewer at ILADS 2013
Dr. Judy Mikovits reports from ILADS/San Diego
ILADS/San Diego – and then Professor Marco Ruggiero in Tustin CA

It looks like there might be more, so check back to see what else he may have written about.


Rich Van Konynenburg / In Memoriam

I am very sorry to let you know that Rich Van Konynenburg, PhD, died quietly early Tuesday morning. His wife contacted our doctor’s group to let people know, and asked that the information be passed on to those who might need to know. He appears to have suffered a heart attack.

Dr. Van Konynenburg was a generous man who spent much of his free time thinking of how to help patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and other possibly related illness. Though he was not a medical professional, he had a curious and methodic mind, which he put to use to come up with ideas that would be of help to others. Rich believed it is possible that a methylation block, causing glutathione depletion was an important trigger in causing symptoms in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and he developed the Simple Methylation Protocol as an over the counter treatment for patients to experiment with.
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Antiinflammatories, Antibiotics Boost Treatment of Depression

treament imageInternational Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) 2011.

June 30, 2011 (Brighton, United Kingdom) — Adding an anti-inflammatory medication to an antidepressant may augment efficacy and enhance depression treatment, researchers said here at the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2011.

Carmine Pariante, MD, PhD, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London, United Kingdom, told delegates attending the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2011 that a series of studies published during the last 5 years offers clear evidence to support the combination therapy with anti-inflammatory drugs and antidepressant medication.

“Inflammation is a key element in the pathogenesis of depression, and using anti-inflammatory drugs is a novel strategy that uses a completely new antidepressant approach, finally, after 20 years of me-too drugs,” Dr. Pariante told Medscape Medical News.

Speaking on behalf of the Psychiatric Research into Inflammation, Immunity and Mood Effects (PRIME), a consortium of UK researchers in biological psychiatry, Dr. Pariante said that it is well known that long-term illness is a trigger for depression and that people with chronic disorders also have high levels of inflammatory markers or cytokines. [Read more…]


The Making of a Physician

By Eric Gordon MD

Eric Gordon MD listening to a patient. "I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them."

Eric Gordon MD listening to a patient. “I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them.”

I began my search for the perfect diet at an early age. My family’s deification of doctors made health a natural focus for me. Perhaps it all started as a rebellious thought, a way to avoid the conventional route laid out by family,  my believing “Food is medicine.”  I read everything I could get my hands on. In the 1960’s, that was mostly Paavo Airola  and other Naturopaths,  books like How to Get Well and Are You Confused? I found a magnitude of conflicting theories, so many I couldn’t find my way through the confusion.  Eventually this lead to my decision to go to medical school, the hallowed center of scientific knowledge.  Maybe they did have the answers after all?

There, however, I quickly learned that conventional medicine knew nothing about optimal diets, and very little about health.  The nutrition I was taught was strongly colored by the schools of diet funded by General Mills and the like. An Ensure liquid diet is still the standard medical answer for those who need easily absorbed nutrition. [Read more…]


Welcome to the New Gordon Medical Associates Blog!

From Susan Friedl – Research Coordinator at Gordon Medical

Welcome to the new Gordon Medical Associates (GMA) blog!

When we first began blogging over a year ago (2011), following a Santa Rosa presentation on chronic Lyme Disease by Dr. Burrascano, we had no idea how much interest there would be in what our doctors had to say. Our first blog, Putting Lyme Behind You, was started to answer questions from patients and friends who attended the lecture. Since that time, we have had readers from all over the world, and our doctors began to feel constrained by talking only about Lyme disease. After all, we treat all kinds of complex chronic illness, all of the types of patients that other doctors would prefer to ignore. Our practitioners  want to engage with the patients, to find out what is important to you, and to make sure you understand your treatment, so that you can keep up with how and why you are doing what they suggest. [Read more…]


Mold and Lyme Together?

This brief clip is from the October Biotoxin Illness Conference in Santa Rosa. In the clip, Dr. Eric Gordon talks about issues with chronic Lyme, and how it might relate to biotoxin illness issues. Please forgive the movement in the video, the doctors were switching speakers, and the focus is not very good when the camera person is moving. The longer video this comes from doesn’t have this problem when a speaker is talking.

Dr. Eric Gordon is the founder of  Gordon Medical Associates. What Dr. Gordon emphasizes is listening to his patients. “I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them. I interpret the information they present, and blend it with laboratory results and imaging and other tests to determine a protocol that is customized to their condition.”

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Shoemaker’s work on mold illness, we have copies available of the DVD recordings from the October Biotoxin Illness conference held in Santa Rosa in October 2011. This 5 DVD set includes over 9 hours of talks with Dr. Shoemaker and the Gordon Medical physicians, as well as Power Point presentations and supporting evidence for the treatments presented. For more information, links to clips, or to order, look at Biotoxin Illness on the DVDs and Books page.


Exercise and Reconditioning During CFS/Fibromyalgia (and Lyme!) Treatment

Exercise and Reconditioning During CFS/Fibromyalgia Treatment
By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Dr. Teitelbaum has us given permission to reprint information from his website. While that website is focused on treating CFS and Fibromyalgia, Dr. Teitelbaum considers Lyme disease to be a factor in both illnesses, and the information he gives is often useful in treating Lyme disease as well.

Dear Readers,

When being treated for any debilitating illness, reconditioning is a critical part of getting well. Because of the body wide “energy crisis” seen in CFS/Fibromyalgia, most of you have found that you were unable to condition beyond a certain point (it takes energy to store energy in muscles—which is what conditioning is). Instead, the doctor would push you to exercise, and you would spend the next 2 days in bed feeling like you had been hit by a truck!

The good news is that as you do our proven effective “SHINE Protocol” (Sleep, Hormones, Infections, Nutrition, and Exercise AS ABLE—discussed at length in my book “From Fatigued to Fantastic!”), you will find that your body starts making the energy needed to condition. You will then be able to exercise more and more—and it will actually leave you feeling better and stronger. [Read more…]


GcMAF Immunotherapy Treatment for CFS

The CFS Patient Advocate Blog has covered the recent conference at the new Mt sinai ME/CFS Research and treatment center.he is posting written content, as well as video taken during the conference. Chronic Lyme patients may find the information helpful.

Read : Mt. Sinai ME/CFS conference report – Sunday November 20, 2011

Mt. Sinai ME/CFS conference – De Meirleir lecture

 Dr. Kenny De MeirleirSix presentations were given at the Mt. Sinai ME/CFS Research and Treatment Center conference on Sunday November 20, 2011. Here is a lecture delivered by Dr. Kenny De Meirleir, who practices medicine in Brussels. Dr. De Meirleir has worked with ME/CFS patients for many years and is seen as one of the foremost ME/CFS Clinician/Researchers. Dr. De Meirleir spoke for a half-hour on the compassionate use of GcMAF in this patient population. Dr. De Meirleir will be associated with this new ME/CFS Center at Mt. Sinai- as a clinical consultant.
 The video and audio was made by Peter and Nicholas Cairns.