New Test May Identify New, Effective Drugs for Treatment of Lyme Disease

Demand high for antibiotics to combat Lyme bacteria that lingers, in some, long after completion of standard drug regimen

researcher Zhang finds promising new treatments for Lyme disease Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have developed a test they say will allow them to test thousands of FDA-approved drugs to see if they will work against the bacteria that causes tick-borne Lyme disease.

The researchers, reporting Nov. 3 in the journal PLOS ONE, say doctors and patients are desperate for new treatments for Lyme disease, which in many people is cleared up with a few weeks of antibiotics but, in some, lingers long after completion of the standard drug regimen. Until now, it has been very difficult to determine on a large scale which drugs work against these lingering Borrelia burgdorferi – the bacteria that cause Lyme disease – hampering new drug discovery for the organism.

Study leader Ying Zhang, MD, PhD, a professor in the Bloomberg School’s Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, and his colleagues tweaked a test typically used for simply counting DNA in samples in the lab. Using the test, they were able to quantify how many Borrelia burgdorferi are alive and how many are dead after each drug was added to the bacteria. The method stains the living bacteria green and the dead or dying bacteria red in a way that filters out the noise that can corrupt existing tests.

“It’s superior to the current gold standard for testing Borrelia viability,” Zhang says. “This could become be the new gold standard.” [Read more…]


Review of the Lyme Altar Documentary

Scott ForsgrenReview By Scott Forsgren from BetterHealthGuy

The Lyme Altar is a new documentary with a focus on the struggles of Lyme disease. The film was released in August 2014 and is available on A trailer of the film can be viewed below. It is a collaboration between Gordon Medical Associates (GMA) and Touchable Stories Productions. I personally enjoyed the powerhouse healers that shared their insights in the film. They included Joseph Burrascano MD, Eric Gordon MD, Neil Nathan MD, Wayne Anderson ND, Elizabeth Large ND and more.

The complexities of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease are described in the film including a review of some of the newest laboratory tests available. Given that only 17% of patients remember a tick bite and as low as 36% may have a classic bull’s-eye rash, newer diagnostic tools are critically needed. Patients are clearly not losing their minds, depressed, or lying, and yet, without definitive testing, this is often what they are told. Fortunately, we have practitioners and healers like those at GMA that view things very differently, believe patients, and recognize that it is the “richness of the story that sometimes gives us the clues”. [Read more…]


Lyme, Neurotoxins, and Hormonal Factors

Originally published in the Townsend Letter
July 2014

Wayne Anderson ND image

Wayne Anderson ND

Wayne Anderson, ND, and Robert Gitlin, DO
An interview with Nancy Faass, MSW, MPH

Wayne Anderson, ND: It is my privilege to be here with Robert Gitlin, DO, an experienced Lyme-disease practitioner, trained in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, with expertise in the endocrine system and hormones. We would like to offer our perspectives on how guiding hormone therapy in the Lyme patient differs from treating other patients, given that intracellular infections have their own unique effects on the endocrine system.

I think that currently one of the problems in medicine is an excessive focus specifically on Lyme disease. What sometimes gets missed is the fact that this is a constellation of toxic influences that all have the same mechanism of action. Our patients may be struggling with infectious processes caused by borrelia or co-infections like babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia, or mycoplasma, as well as toxins such as mold species, petro-based chemicals, and heavy metals. All of those infections and toxins affect the regulatory systems of our body: the brain and nervous system, and the immune and endocrine systems. [Read more…]


ILADEF’s Pioneer Award to be given to a “Ray of Hope” Charles Ray Jones

Dr. Charles ray Jones MD, Pediatric Lyme DiseaseEach year, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation (ILADEF) hosts a gala charity dinner to raise funds to support its Physician Training Program, Lyme Basics Course and other educational and training programs presented regionally and internationally. As part of the annual event, ILADEF honors a professional for his or her dedication to the advancement of the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses.

This year, ILADEF will present the Pioneer Award to Charles “Ray” Jones, MD, the pediatrician who has been a Ray of Hope to thousands of children and their parents who struggle with the consequences of Lyme and other associated diseases. [Read more…]


Mycoplasma and Lyme Cases That Don’t Resolve

Mycoplasma and Lyme Cases That Don’t Resolve 

Wayne Anderson ND image

Wayne Anderson ND combines Functional and Integrative Medicine disciplines with the best of conventional medicine.

Dr. Anderson was interviewed by Katina Makris on Lyme Light Radio on the issue of Mycoplasma as a co-infection with Lyme disease. You can listen to the archived show by clicking the link, or by listening at iTunes. Dr. Wayne Anderson is a renowned naturopath at Gordon Medical Associates with three decades of experience in treating tick-borne diseases. He  explains  how mycoplasmas are the culprit in many Lyme cases that do not fully recover. Many ‘Lyme’ cases stall and do not fully recover. Dr Anderson’s experience pinpoints one of the ‘co-infections’ ticks also infect us with, mycoplasmas!! Get ready to learn a TON!!


The Chronicles of Borrelia: Lyme Rap from MC Herx

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in November 2013 after a year on disability and going from doctor to doctor in San Diego. I saw Tori Piskin’s comedic Lyme videos  and a lightbulb went off. Through the fog and pain for several months during “good moments” I sloooooowly made a comedic rap and video. I’m not a “real rapper” but I hope to bring a smile to patients’ faces – we all need a laugh! I hope to spread awareness as I heal. I’m so glad I made my way to GMA recently.

P.S. Thanks very much to the crew at K St Recorders for helping me record the rap, and to everyone else involved!

Chris Graber (aka MC Herx)
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Summaries from ILADS

The CFS Patient Advocate has several summaries from the 2013 ILADS Conference that can be read on his blog:

Dr. Joseph Brewer at ILADS 2013
Dr. Judy Mikovits reports from ILADS/San Diego
ILADS/San Diego – and then Professor Marco Ruggiero in Tustin CA

It looks like there might be more, so check back to see what else he may have written about.


Remarks: World Wide Lyme Rally & Protest


Kenneth B. Liegner, M.D.

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