Learn What Frequency Specific Microcurrent Can Do For You – February 22. 6-8 PM

For patients interested in learning how FSM treatment might help them.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a new system of treatment, a refinement of microcurrent technology – tiny “doses” of electrical energy – and uses very specific frequencies of energy applied to the body to create beneficial changes in symptoms and health. In addition to helping with pain, it changes emotional states and improves health. This class will introduce FSM, demonstrate how it is used, and include a live demo of the technology.

Two hour class with Marilyn Graham and Carole Mudge

February 22, 2017/6:00 – 8:00 PM

Call (707) 575-5180 to reserve space

Download flyer: Frequency Specific Microcurrent class flyer


The Resonance Effect – New Book on Frequency Specific Microcurrent by Dr. Carol McMakin

The Resonance Effect

“The Resonance Effect” describes the development of a new medical therapy, called Frequency Specific Microcurrent, that uses frequencies resurrected from the 1920’s to reduce pain, scarring and inflammation, change emotional states and improve health. At the same time it tells the powerful story of what happens to your world when you listen to the sometimes quiet sound of your own inner guidance.

Carol McMakin, DC

Carole Mudge Body Tech at Gordon Medical AssociatesFrom Carole Mudge

I am so excited that Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) founder Carol McMakin has written a new book, ‘The Resonance Effect.”  This book is written for the public, making FSM information accessible to patients. This will be a wonderful opportunity to understand more about how this technique works.

As one of GMA’s body techs I use FSM nearly every day as [Read more…]