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Look of Lyme
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What Does Your Lyme Look Like?

Look of Lyme is a new initiative by the makers of UNDER OUR SKIN to bring your personal stories of suffering and courage into the limelight. While the Internet and social media have exploded with personal videos, there is no place that serves as a repository and archive of the ever changing and growing landscape of Lyme disease. Look of Lyme changes that, offering a way to make the personal political by harnessing the power of crowdsourcing and media. Our individual stories create a collective story that cannot be dismissed! Also, as we begin to develop a third film in the UNDER OUR SKIN collection, Look of Lyme is a way we can screen for possible film subjects. After receiving your videos and possibly editing them for brevity, consistency and branding, we’ll present them on a new YouTube channel accessible to millions worldwide.

Go to the Look of Lyme webpage to get guidlines on how to film and submit your video.


Ozone Treatment for Immune Support and Wound Healing

Ozone therapy at Gordon Medical AssociatesOzone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with dramatic success and safety. Ozone therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Ozone (O3) is a modified form of oxygen, produced from oxygen (O2) in an electric generator. It is produced as a gas, with powerful oxidizing properties and multiple medical uses.

Ozone is simply an energized form of oxygen. It is created when electric or ultraviolet energy causes oxygen atoms to temporarily recombine in groups of three. Once inside the body, the ozone attaches itself to diseased cells. Cells infected with a virus are already weakened by being used as a host by the disease. This weakening shows up as lowered levels of enzymatic activity in the cell wall. The substandard protein coating is imbalanced and incomplete, and it is the perfect attractor for the extra oxygen molecule present in medical ozone.

Once the ozone attaches itself to the infected cell, the cell wall is further damaged. Either the immune system is activated to remove the damaged cell, or the apoptosis pathway is activated in the affected cell. Apoptosis is programmed cell death, the normal process of removing ill or damaged cells in a healthy body. In both cases the cell is broken down and removed from the body. Healthy cells with intact cell walls are not damaged. In fact, healthy cells get a boost in their ability to make more energy after exposure to ozone in small amounts. All substances are toxic in the wrong quantities, but ozone used medically is applied in quantities that help, not harm.

Find out more about ozone treatment at GMA


Environmental Working Group Guide to Bug Repellents

This is being reposted as a reminder of how important it is to chose the right insect repellent, both for effectiveness and for safety.

EWG Guide to Bug ReppelentMonday, June 17, 2013  Originally published at EWG
 Download EWG’s tip sheet  |  Download EWG’s report

Which is worse, bug bites or bug repellent?

Choosing the right bug repellent can make a hike, picnic or outdoor event a pleasure instead of a painful, itchy experience that may have serious consequences.

No repellent is right every time. Click to find your best bet.


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Chronic Viral Infections: Yes, we have treatments now!

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, May 8, at 2 PM Pacific

Chronic Viral Infections: Yes, we have treatments now!

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Marty Ross, MD, who has extensive experience working with chronic illness. The role of chronic viral infections in these illnesses has long been discussed, and today we will share what we have learned about how to diagnose and treat them. (Yes, we have a variety of effective treatments now!)
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Medical and Therapeutic Benefits of Ozone

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, February 27, at 2 PM Pacific

Medical and Therapeutic Benefits of Ozone

Today I will be joined by Frank Shallenberger MD to discuss the medical and therapeutic benefits of ozone. Ozone can be used in many forms; researchers have demonstrated impressive healing of a wide array of health conditions and we will delve into this underutilized medical tool today.

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Lyme Disease: Controversies Surrounding a New Epidemic

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today
Friday, September 12, 2014 at 2:00 PM
With guest Wayne Anderson, ND

Lyme Disease:

I will be joined today by Dr. Wayne Anderson, at Gordon Medical Associates, as we discuss the growing awareness of the Lyme disease epidemic. Last August the CDC finally acknowledged that over 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease occur every year in this country, finally bringing a diagnosis and medial help to millions of Americans who had not been aware of this possible diagnosis. We will review the current symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment options for our listeners.


The Lyme Altar Documentary Now Available in the GMA Offices

While there are no magic bullets, there is much power in understanding that there is a community of people with shared experiences. We are not alone. Not only are we not alone, but there is great hope in knowing that open-minded practitioners and healers are working hard to advance treatment options and to improve the quality of life in those recovering from chronic illness. Here’s to your health….

Scott Forsgren in reviewing The Lyme Altar

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The Lyme Altar

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You can now purchase The Lyme Altar for $20.00 plus tax in the Gordon Medical offices. You can pick it up while you are in the office and save shipping costs, or contact our shipping department and they will ship it directly to you for approximately $6.00.

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Review of the Lyme Altar Documentary

Scott ForsgrenReview By Scott Forsgren from BetterHealthGuy

The Lyme Altar is a new documentary with a focus on the struggles of Lyme disease. The film was released in August 2014 and is available on A trailer of the film can be viewed below. It is a collaboration between Gordon Medical Associates (GMA) and Touchable Stories Productions. I personally enjoyed the powerhouse healers that shared their insights in the film. They included Joseph Burrascano MD, Eric Gordon MD, Neil Nathan MD, Wayne Anderson ND, Elizabeth Large ND and more.

The complexities of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease are described in the film including a review of some of the newest laboratory tests available. Given that only 17% of patients remember a tick bite and as low as 36% may have a classic bull’s-eye rash, newer diagnostic tools are critically needed. Patients are clearly not losing their minds, depressed, or lying, and yet, without definitive testing, this is often what they are told. Fortunately, we have practitioners and healers like those at GMA that view things very differently, believe patients, and recognize that it is the “richness of the story that sometimes gives us the clues”. [Read more…]


Gordon Medical Practitioners Featured in the July 2014 Issue of the Townsend Letter

See the complete Table of Contents online

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Lyme, Neurotoxins, and Hormonal Factors: Wayne Anderson, ND, and Robert Gitlin, DO

An interview with Nancy Faass, MSW, MPH
Two experts, a naturopath and an osteopath, offer perspectives on how guiding hormone therapy in the Lyme patient differs from treating other patients, given that intracellular infections have their own unique effects on the endocrine system.

Mold and Mycotoxins: Often Overlooked Factors in Chronic Lyme Disease

by Scott Forsgren with Neil Nathan, MD, and Wayne Anderson, ND

Environmental exposure to toxic molds and the production of mycotoxins resulting from fungal colonization in the body can be significant in terms of symptom presentation, as well as both the severity and duration of the illness. The article focuses on three mycotoxins that can be readily measured via laboratory testing, providing a useful tool for practitioners working with patients with mold-associated illnesses. [Read more…]


Lyme Disease Is a Feminist Issue: An Interview With Sini Anderson

Thursday, 19 June 2014 00:00 By Dennis J Bernstein, Truthout | Interview

Sini Anderson speaking on Lyme as a Femisnist Issue

Sini Anderson. (Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout)

Is Lyme disease becoming a major issue for women worldwide? Sini Anderson, former director of the National Queer Arts Festival and director of the documentary The Punk Singer about feminist icon Kathleen Hanna, thinks so, and she’s busy interviewing dozens of women for a new documentary to prove her point. Anderson’s film about Hanna reveals Hanna’s life-threatening experience with Lyme disease. While filming the documentary, Sini Anderson was also diagnosed with Lyme disease and began her own multi-year struggle for a diagnosis and treatment. She then began noticing just how many women have Lyme disease, and in particular, that a large percentage of women in the feminist community she is part of have “neurological Lyme disease,” and are extremely ill.

Dennis J. Bernstein spoke with Sini Anderson about her film on Hanna, as well as what she has discovered more recently as she continues to interview dozens of terribly ill women for her upcoming documentary about Lyme disease.

Right. Well, you know the ironic part about this is that, I feel like we are so deeply ingrained in our society, especially geared towards women, to tell them that, you know, they may be exaggerating a little bit, or that . . . it’s really not that bad, you’re being hysterical. And, I have to tell you, as a feminist activist, I was kind of shocked at my own reaction. I mean, it wasn’t that I thought that Kathleen was being hysterical, but I just thought, “Oh wow, that can’t be that big of a deal.” You know, and I was just really ignorant about the issue.

Sini Anderson on Kathleen Hanna’s  diagnosis with Lyme disease

Read full transcript of the interview at Truthout.