Children at Risk for Lyme Disease

Elizabeth Large, NDBy Elizabeth Large, ND

Children are being misdiagnosed too frequently when they actually have Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD) or Tick Borne Disease (TBD). It is very important that parents, teachers, school administrators, school health professionals, pediatricians, mental health professionals and family members learn to understand the signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease. It is an epidemic and children are at high risk for contracting TBD. We need to identify both acute and chronic, persistent TBD. Acute infection is defined as infection for less than a year and easily treated with 6-12 weeks of antibiotics depending on the symptoms present. If a Bull’s Eye rash does occur then it is diagnostic of LD. Unfortunately only 15-30% of the time a Bull’s Eye rash occurs and other types of rash can present and not only around the tick bite site. The chronic form of CLD can be devastating and difficult to eradicate. It impacts all body systems especially the immune system, hormonal system and nervous system. The body begins to respond inappropriately creating further symptoms that can be painful and debilitating.

The primary take home message with children is that their symptoms can be subtle and easily written off as growing pains or increased emotional sensitivity until there is frank disability. Then they lose their normal childhood of playing with friends, participating in school activities, and other recreation outside of school. They lose the energy to lead normal lives. They become too sick.

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Antiinflammatories, Antibiotics Boost Treatment of Depression

treament imageInternational Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) 2011.

June 30, 2011 (Brighton, United Kingdom) — Adding an anti-inflammatory medication to an antidepressant may augment efficacy and enhance depression treatment, researchers said here at the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2011.

Carmine Pariante, MD, PhD, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London, United Kingdom, told delegates attending the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2011 that a series of studies published during the last 5 years offers clear evidence to support the combination therapy with anti-inflammatory drugs and antidepressant medication.

“Inflammation is a key element in the pathogenesis of depression, and using anti-inflammatory drugs is a novel strategy that uses a completely new antidepressant approach, finally, after 20 years of me-too drugs,” Dr. Pariante told Medscape Medical News.

Speaking on behalf of the Psychiatric Research into Inflammation, Immunity and Mood Effects (PRIME), a consortium of UK researchers in biological psychiatry, Dr. Pariante said that it is well known that long-term illness is a trigger for depression and that people with chronic disorders also have high levels of inflammatory markers or cytokines. [Read more…]


Introduction to the Byron White Formulas And Their Use in Lyme Disease

Wayne Anderson imageBy Wayne Anderson ND

The Missing Piece in Lyme Disease Case Management

Having practiced medicine for 30 years, I know how hard it can be to take on new therapeutic tools. As busy practitioners, we are inundated with the latest and greatest. But I believe when you begin using the Byron White Formulas, you’ll quickly appreciate their distinct benefits.

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Global Challenges in Diagnosing and Managing Lyme Disease – House Subcommittee Hearing

Image of Pat Smith, LDA President, and Congressman Chris Smith (NJ)

Pat Smith, LDA President, and Congressman Chris Smith (NJ)

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The Lyme Disease Association, Inc (LDA) announces that the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, & Human Rights will hold a hearing 2PM, on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 in  2172 Rayburn HOB in Washington, DC. The hearing, Global Challenges in Diagnosing and Managing Lyme Disease – Closing Knowledge Gaps, will be webcast and available live via the Committee website.

US Rep. Christopher H. Smith(NJ) is chairing the hearing. LDA President Pat Smith will be one of the witnesses presenting testimony─problems with doctors diagnosing and treating Lyme and with patients receiving treatment for Lyme.

Lyme disease numbers have continued to rise nationwide and throughout the world, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has indicated that in 2009, Lyme disease surpassed HIV in incidence─ Lyme was the 7th highest in disease incidence reporting. Lyme is no longer a disease of the Northeast. LDA has developed a pie chart using CDC reported case numbers for 2010 showing that 9 Northeastern states had 66% of the case reports, the remainder of the country had 34% of reported Lyme cases─ a 10% increase in disease in the remainder of the country from 2008 figures. [Read more…]


The Making of a Physician

By Eric Gordon MD

Eric Gordon MD listening to a patient. "I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them."

Eric Gordon MD listening to a patient. “I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them.”

I began my search for the perfect diet at an early age. My family’s deification of doctors made health a natural focus for me. Perhaps it all started as a rebellious thought, a way to avoid the conventional route laid out by family,  my believing “Food is medicine.”  I read everything I could get my hands on. In the 1960’s, that was mostly Paavo Airola  and other Naturopaths,  books like How to Get Well and Are You Confused? I found a magnitude of conflicting theories, so many I couldn’t find my way through the confusion.  Eventually this lead to my decision to go to medical school, the hallowed center of scientific knowledge.  Maybe they did have the answers after all?

There, however, I quickly learned that conventional medicine knew nothing about optimal diets, and very little about health.  The nutrition I was taught was strongly colored by the schools of diet funded by General Mills and the like. An Ensure liquid diet is still the standard medical answer for those who need easily absorbed nutrition. [Read more…]


Welcome to the New Gordon Medical Associates Blog!

From Susan Friedl – Research Coordinator at Gordon Medical

Welcome to the new Gordon Medical Associates (GMA) blog!

When we first began blogging over a year ago (2011), following a Santa Rosa presentation on chronic Lyme Disease by Dr. Burrascano, we had no idea how much interest there would be in what our doctors had to say. Our first blog, Putting Lyme Behind You, was started to answer questions from patients and friends who attended the lecture. Since that time, we have had readers from all over the world, and our doctors began to feel constrained by talking only about Lyme disease. After all, we treat all kinds of complex chronic illness, all of the types of patients that other doctors would prefer to ignore. Our practitioners  want to engage with the patients, to find out what is important to you, and to make sure you understand your treatment, so that you can keep up with how and why you are doing what they suggest. [Read more…]


Eric Gordon Addressing the Needs of Lyme Patients

Eric Gordon, MD speaking at an Innana House Fundraiser

You are here so you know this is important.

If this project is to be realized, to be more than a dream, it is going to take a series of small and large miracles and some wonderful energetic connections.

When Mara first spoke to me about her vision for a place to care for people with TBD (tick borne disease), I knowingly smiled and rolled my eyes. I have heard many plans of and been involved in some attempts at delivering comprehensive care to people in the past, and had seen them all fail when the money or energy ran out.

Mara was ahead of me in planning, she knew she needed an endowment. I knew the sum needed was large and so wished her luck. I realized that instead of discouraging her, my words just helped her focus and she came back with the breathtaking sum of 25 million, and instead of giving up she went out to start making it happen. That is when I got interested in being involved. [Read more…]


Mold and Lyme Together?

This brief clip is from the October Biotoxin Illness Conference in Santa Rosa. In the clip, Dr. Eric Gordon talks about issues with chronic Lyme, and how it might relate to biotoxin illness issues. Please forgive the movement in the video, the doctors were switching speakers, and the focus is not very good when the camera person is moving. The longer video this comes from doesn’t have this problem when a speaker is talking.

Dr. Eric Gordon is the founder of  Gordon Medical Associates. What Dr. Gordon emphasizes is listening to his patients. “I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them. I interpret the information they present, and blend it with laboratory results and imaging and other tests to determine a protocol that is customized to their condition.”

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Shoemaker’s work on mold illness, we have copies available of the DVD recordings from the October Biotoxin Illness conference held in Santa Rosa in October 2011. This 5 DVD set includes over 9 hours of talks with Dr. Shoemaker and the Gordon Medical physicians, as well as Power Point presentations and supporting evidence for the treatments presented. For more information, links to clips, or to order, look at Biotoxin Illness on the DVDs and Books page.


Exercise and Reconditioning During CFS/Fibromyalgia (and Lyme!) Treatment

Exercise and Reconditioning During CFS/Fibromyalgia Treatment
By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Dr. Teitelbaum has us given permission to reprint information from his website. While that website is focused on treating CFS and Fibromyalgia, Dr. Teitelbaum considers Lyme disease to be a factor in both illnesses, and the information he gives is often useful in treating Lyme disease as well.

Dear Readers,

When being treated for any debilitating illness, reconditioning is a critical part of getting well. Because of the body wide “energy crisis” seen in CFS/Fibromyalgia, most of you have found that you were unable to condition beyond a certain point (it takes energy to store energy in muscles—which is what conditioning is). Instead, the doctor would push you to exercise, and you would spend the next 2 days in bed feeling like you had been hit by a truck!

The good news is that as you do our proven effective “SHINE Protocol” (Sleep, Hormones, Infections, Nutrition, and Exercise AS ABLE—discussed at length in my book “From Fatigued to Fantastic!”), you will find that your body starts making the energy needed to condition. You will then be able to exercise more and more—and it will actually leave you feeling better and stronger. [Read more…]


Treatment Considerations

Question: What do you do for someone who cannot tolerate antibiotics due to severe allergic reactions to several drugs?

Since we tend to work with people who are sensitive, we are used to people who can’t tolerate antibiotics. It might be due to allergy or it might be also a severe die-off that looks like allergy. Either way, the patient must begin with gentler herbal remedies that treat that particular infection. This will lower the infectious load on the system and possibly calm the immune system making it less reactive. If the reaction wasn’t allergic in nature, then the patient has toxicity issues and the reaction is due to an overload on their detoxification system. When you add in antibiotics, the download is too great on detox pathways that are already overloaded and the body reacts by becoming more toxic and inflamed. [Read more…]