The Resonance Effect on Frequency Specific Microcurrent- Now Available!

Carolyn McMakin’s book on the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent is now available to order on Amazon! FSM has been an important treatment protocol at GMA. We are delighted that Carolyn has written this book with patients in mind, so they have the opportunity to better understand the potential uses of FSM in their health regime. We have numerous body techs who offer FSM treatment, as well as units that can be rented or purchased for home use. You can talk with your practitioner about FSM, or you can self refer to one of our techs.

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The Resonance Effect

The Resonance Effect

The Resonance Effect is both the author’s story of her inspirational journey of having the courage to find her true calling and an account of the development of a remarkable, newly rediscovered treatment, frequency specific microcurrent (FSM), that takes advantage of the body’s ability to respond to frequencies in order to heal a number of chronic conditions. Carolyn McMakin, a chiropractor specializing in fibromyalgia and myofascial pain, describes her experience using a two-channel microcurrent device that has achieved astounding results that have changed medicine and created new possibilities for suffering patients over the past twenty years. Nerve pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathies, muscle pain, athletic performance, injury repair, joint pain, low back pain, neck pain, kidney stone pain, the kidney stones themselves, liver disease, diabetic wounds, brain and spinal cord injuries, PTSD, depression, shingles, asthma, ovarian cysts, abdominal adhesions, and scarring all respond to specific frequencies. McMakin explains that results are predictable, reproducible, and teachable all without side effects offering hope and healing to millions of people.

Carolyn McMakin

Carolyn McMakin

McMakin tells the story of how thousands of patients with conditions that did not respond to other medical therapies recovered from pain and disability through the non-invasive treatment that she developed. For example, asthma resolves with specific frequencies that remove inflammation, allergy reaction, and spasm from the bronchi. One frequency combination eliminates shingles pain in minutes and stops the shingles attack with a single three-hour treatment. Since 2005, a series of frequencies has been used to treat hundreds of PTSD patients. Post-surgical patients use FSM to reduce pain, prevent bruising, and increase healing. NFL, NHL, and Olympic athletes use it to heal injuries and improve performance. McMakin includes case histories that illustrate the efficacy of the treatment and shares the specific frequencies that each condition requires so that patients direct their own treatments.”

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Neural Therapy relieves chronic pain, neuropathy, and illness, reduces wrinkles and scars

Nafysa Parpia, NDBy Nafysa Parpia, ND

Neural therapy is a specialized injection technique that aids in the treatment of chronic pain, neuropathy and illness, as well wrinkle and scar reduction. It was developed in Germany, and is commonly used there for such treatment. In America, injection techniques such as epidural, regional and trigger point injections are typically used in acute conditions. There are only a small number of doctors in America who are highly experienced and trained in neural therapy for chronic conditions, as well as facial line reduction as I use it in my Anti-Aging protocols.

Neural Therapy involves treatment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS consists of a vast network of nerve endings extending to almost all cells in the body, and controls unconscious bodily functions such as: metabolism, intestinal motility, cellular respiration, heart rate, circulation, body temperature and breathing. [Read more…]


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Carole Mudge, Asha Baxter, Marilyn Graham

Carole Mudge, Asha Baxter, Marilyn Graham

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Scenar Energy Medicine – Self Controlled Energy Neuron Adaptive Regulation

ScenarWhat is Scenar?

Scenar is a small hand held device that “listens” to the body by recording the skin’s galvanic response, and its electrical impedance. Scenar then returns a newly modified signal back to the body, and listens to the reply – which becomes a bio-feedback treatment loop.

How can Scenar help me?

Using biofeedback to stimulate the nervous system, Scenar teaches the body to heal itself. The device sends out a [Read more…]


Kinesiotape As an Option to Alleviate Pain

Julie GalvanBY Julie Galvan, CMT

One of my favorite tools in my ‘tool box of healing’ is kinesiotape. If you watch the Olympics, you may have seen this on some of the athletes. It is often used for athletes but is also used in physical therapy.

The 2 most common ways that it is used is to support ligaments and tendons that are inflamed for whatever reason. The other is to assist the lymphatic system in areas it is congested. I also use it to support fascia and organs.

Some examples of how I have used this with consistent success are: taping the sinuses, the lymphatic drainage for the sinuses, lower leg, arms, and neck. Taping for the shoulders and clavicle and rib pain have also had a great track record. As well as for disc instability, knee pain and sacroiliac joint pain. It goes on. I’ve also used it after I’ve released some restrictions in the organs and use the tape to support the change that stays on for a few hours. It can be an effective on nerve pain as well.

Those of you with Lyme Disease you may have one or many of these reasons to need this kind of support. Recently, one of my patients described it as being like a “hug”. It can offer support and in doing so reduce the stress on the joint, lymph [Read more…]