Touch for the Sensitive Patient

By Julie Galvan, CMT

Healing through touch

Many of the patients at Gordon Medical are very sensitive.  Some are extremely sensitive.  Some in a way that they are extremely ‘energetically’ sensitive.  What the tendency to do is for us bodyworkers to work them very gently – almost not touching the body.  They seem so frail that to really just touch them seems like it might be too much for them.  Some of these patients have had the experience of someone doing an energetic healing on their aura or have a Reiki type session.  While they may have enjoyed the session, they felt much worse afterwards.

What I’ve learned  over and over from this kind of patient is what they need is real physical touch.  With gentleness getting into the muscles, even connecting into the bones.  I can only guess why this is the case.  My guess is that they need help being more physical – they are too much is in the energetic body.  It would be ideal for these people to have someone in their life who can do this direct and respectful physical touch into the muscles on a daily basis as well as having someone do it professionally once in a while.  That professional can teach the person at home what to do.  I know of nothing that is more powerful than touch.  If you are using Frequency Specific Microcurrent, the frequencies I would suggest are those addressing emotional factors (including past or very deep emotions),  allergy reactions,  damaged tissue, and and tissue that is frozen and needs a “reboot”, focused  in the muscles.