Using Biosyntonie Devices for Self Healing


Photo courtesy of Joe Galvan

From Julie Galvan: “The Blue Egg is a Biosyntonie device that is in the shape of an egg and is cobalt blue. Really quite beautiful to look at and very effective in managing an area with a lot of electronics. This testimonial is written by a patient who was doing everything right for so many years, but not getting significant changes. When I found out that her very small apartment was full of electronics for her business, I suggested she give this a try. Here is her story:”

Some Background Information

I’ve lived a green, mindful life style for 30 years; organic foods, natural supplements, glass instead of plastic, no microwave, no chemical cleaning or cosmetic products, no carpets. I believe in an integrated modality approach to self-healing; Bodywork, Cranial Sacral, micro current, energy sessions, Franklin Method, Pilates, diet, life style changes, Homeopathy and more have all aided in a slow steady recovery.

Biosyntonie Experience

Julie Galvan began using Biosyntonie Vitalys discs (these are a set of three ceramic disc embedded with micro crystals aimed at bringing balance to the craniosacral fluid) during our sessions a few months ago with immediate results experiencing increased energy levels, clearer brain activity, sleep, and enhanced benefit of any bodywork done during the session.

Considering all, I decided that the easiest and most affordable way to incorporate the Biosyntonie on a daily basis was the Blue Egg, and began using the Blue Egg on April 21, 2015. Immediately, sleep happened without supplemental natural aids. It was easier both to go to sleep and stay asleep for longer periods of time. I am experiencing more healing light dreaming, and less nightmarish type dreaming and for longer periods of time during the early mornings.

During waking hours, my energy levels have increased; I’m able to get up earlier in the morning (before 11 am), also experiencing more endurance and faster recovery from any activity (everyday activities). Focus on work and personal projects has become easier and with increased productivity, allowing more time for those personal projects and fun. In addition, I’ve noticed a greater tolerance and flexibility to whatever comes my way, and easier emotional response to life in general. These aspects of healing have facilitated me to feel more positive about life and see more potential possibilities.

As for my 3 cats, I’ve noticed better sleep patterns, less stress responses, and more social interaction with visitors. All 3 spend more time relaxing in the sun or shade and less time, fussing with me for food or attention.

While the Blue Egg requires a financial investment greater than the discs, it is important to note that for me, I needed a less invasive treatment, with minimal interactive treatment requirements, and no additional supplementation. The Blue Egg requires no interaction from me, key for someone who every waking moment has focused on healing for the past 12 years. (the Blue Egg is placed where needed and can stay there, or you can take it into a another room with you. The Vitalys discs you place on your body in different patterns and have to have a small bit of training to use them.

I’m hoping to adding other Biosyntonie harmonizing devices to my environment. I am very enthused to find this non-invasive lasting response form of healing.


Biosyntonie enhances the physical and spiritual wellbeing of a person by realigning all of one’s biorhythmic functions with the subtle energetic cycles found in nature. This is achieved by utilizing environmental harmonization devices that keep one synchronized with nature while in the home, work space, sleep area, etc; energy alignment devices to enhance the practice of qigong, tai chi, yoga, etc; and treatment devices that rapidly inform specific or general organ systems with the natural frequencies that promote recovery of health and wellbeing.
Dr. Norman Suhu

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  1. Julie Galvan says:

    Molly, sorry to hear you are having problems. It is rare to have problems with the Biosyntonie devices. As with any treatment, discontinue use, and contact your practitioner.

  2. Hi Molly,
    Julie is not on the blog every day, so give her some time to reply.

  3. Molly Hunt says:

    I found the egg very overwhelming energetically. Gave me headaches, and my body wanted to avoid it. Any thoughts?