Wayne Anderson ND at the 2012 ILADS Conference


Wyne Amnderson ND

Genotype Evaluation in Biotoxin Illness, and the Treatment of Abnormalities in the Methylation Pathway

Wayne Anderson, ND

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Wayne Anderson, ND is on a constant mission to seek innovative solutions to chronic conditions. He is driven by his dedication to pushing the bounds of what is known and what is yet to be discovered.
Ever since he began his career as a family practice physician three decades ago, Anderson has been well aware of the inability of conventional medicine to address the needs of many patients suffering from chronic, debilitating illnesses.
In a quest to combine traditional medicine with alternative practices, he traveled the world to exchange ideas with leaders in alternative medicine, many of whom he now views as healing partners. A physician’s physician, Anderson’s reputation has grown exponentially as a result of his mission.
In addition to his clinical practices in Santa Rosa, California at Gordon Medical Associates, he dedicates much of his time to the health professionals who seek his counsel in the case management of multi-factor, multi-system and multi-symptom illnesses.
Recently Anderson developed and coordinated an internship program at Clear Center of Health in Mill Valley, California, with the help of Beth McDougall, M.D. He has served as an instructor and supervisor of residents and student interns at both Sutter Hospital and U.C. Davis Physician Assistant programs. He also taught medical students at Tuoro Osteopathic Medical School. Dr. Anderson graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.
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