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Eric Gordon MD - 2017 Maggie Perkins
Eric Gordon, M.D.
Medical Doctor/Founder and Medical Director of Gordon Medical
“My deep respect for the individuality of my patients is the heart of my practice. The point is to carefully listen to each patient and correlate their subjective experience with pertinent objective laboratory tests, to determine unique treatment guidelines that allow the innate wisdom of the body to overcome illness and restore good health."

Excellence Is the Consistent Standard

As you read our physician and independent practitioner biographies you’ll find that excellence is the consistent standard at Gordon Medical Associates. We have decades of professional training and expertise, and we also continue to teach, write, and perform ongoing research.

Our patients come not only from Santa Rosa, the North Bay, and the greater San Francisco area, but the entire country and around the globe for individualized help with a wide range of problems, from chronic pain and hormone balancing to CFS/ME and Lyme disease.

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Practitioner's name is a link to full bio
Independent Practitioners with Offices at Gordon Medical Associates
Wayne Anderson, ND
Wayne Anderson, N.D.
Independent Practitioner/Naturopathic Doctor
“Patient care must integrate mind and body, incorporating the strengths of alternative and conventional medicine, and tailoring a program that recognizes the uniqueness of each person.”
Nafysa Parpia ND
Nafysa Parpia, N.D
Independent Practitioner/Naturopathic Doctor
"Functional and integrative medicine that is heart centered guides how I treat my patients with complex chronic illness. Each patient has unique contributing factors to their disease. Biochemical imbalances, epigenetic expression, toxin exposure, microbial exposure and emotional imbalance are often key in unraveling the mystery of and treating chronic illness."

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Elizabeth Large ND by Maggie Perkins 2017
Elizabeth Large, N.D.
Independent Practitioner/Naturopathic Doctor
"I became a naturopathic doctor because I believe healing seeks the root cause of imbalance; that physical illness arises from a multitude of factors. Rarely does chronic illness arise from one cause but a perfect storm enabling illness to manifest. I look for the “core disturbance” in the body that is creating susceptibility to disease."

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Carolyn B. Welcome PA-C
Carolyn B. Welcome, PA-C
Independent Practitioner - Certified Physician Asssitant
My goal is to provide compassionate care that helps integrate all facets of a patient into a healthier whole, with an emphasis on listening closely and communicating clearly.