Prescriptions and Refills


If you need a prescription refill, even if you have used the number of refills allowed, you need to ask your pharmacist to send the refill request to our office via fax at (707)-575-5509.

We do not handle prescription refills over the weekend or after hours, so please plan ahead.

Scheduled/Controlled Drug Prescriptions

An office visit with the doctor every 2- 3 months is needed in order for us to refill these prescription requests. Please allow at least one week for prescription refills to be processed. There is a $5 charge per month for one or more scheduled/controlled prescriptions during any month when the patient requiring it does not see the Practitioner who prescribes it. “Same day” requests are $10.

Contact Policy for Questions

For questions about prescriptions, we recommend the use of the GMA PATIENT PORTAL, which streamlines secure communications with the office, allowing you to ask questions, make appointments, refill prescriptions, view test results, and many other options.

Patient Portal
Written Request Policy

Please use the Patient Portal for secure messaging of your requests. Our goal is to give quality medical care to our patients. We find written communication more time consuming, less clear than a short conversation with your practitioner, as well as not a secure way to communicate private health information if using email. Because of time required to process, only written requests that are received with 1-2 simple, clear questions relating to your current medical plan, such as clarification of medication doses, or treatment clarification, will be accepted and answered without delay. There is no charge for these types of simple requests. Information updates you supply to your practitioner as part of your treatment are also not charged.

Longer, detailed written questions requiring more time and attention will be referred for a 15 minute phone call with your practitioner. This will enable us to enhance the quality of your medical care, and allow us to devote the necessary amount of time to your email requests. This call will be billed at the usual rate.

Phone Calls

As with written requests, very simple questions by phone will be answered, but more complex questions requiring more time and attention will be referred for a 15 min phone call with your practitioner. This call will be billed at the usual rate.